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Bayer Corporation Names IMSA FUSION Among K-12 Best Practice Programs

In its 2010 publication, Planting the Seeds for a Diverse U.S. STEM Pipeline, the Bayer Corporation names IMSA FUSION (formerly known as IMSA Excellence 2000+) among only 38 programs nationwide as “K-12 Best Practice Programs.”

The publication is designed to “provide business leaders and others with information about best practice K-12 STEM education programs and practical advice for how they can support and/or replicate such programs in their local communities.”
The nationally recognized programs, such as IMSA FUSION, were able to demonstrate “challenging content/curriculum, an inquiry learning environment, defined outcomes/assessment and sustained commitment/community support.”  A pdf of this publication is available at:
Note: The publication cites the program by its former name: IMSA Excellence 2000+

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