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IMSA Math Teacher Receives MIT Inspirational Teacher Award

Mathematics Faculty Member Dr. Vince Matsko recently was selected to receive a 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Inspirational Teacher Award.

The MIT Inspirational Teacher Award recognizes outstanding secondary school teachers who inspire in their students a love of learning, encourage them to pursue excellence, and give them the skills and enthusiasm they need to make a positive difference in the world.

Dr. Vince Matsko uses polyhedra and other structures in class to help students better understand spherical geometry.

Students at MIT nominate the high school teachers who inpired them through dedicated and motivated teaching. Dr. Matsko was nominated by John Wang '14 who shared the following about Dr. Matsko's teaching with the selection committee:

"Thank you for instilling some of your curiosity in me and other students. I know few people who put so much effort into helping others succeed," wrote Wang.

IMSA President Dr. Glenn "Max" McGee submitted his recommendation for the award as well:

"In addition to being a teacher who not only inspires the students through innovative practices, meaningful relationships and incomparable results, he elevates the level of instruction, professional dialogue and vision of the entire community," said Dr. McGee.  "For example, because of his influence more students are pursuing year-long mathematics-based research projects in our Student Inquiry and Research program. In fact, one of his students recently was notified that he was an Intel Finalist! Likewise, Vince and a colleague will be teaching a course in mathematical research next year that will use materials from MIT's e-learning platform as well as advanced problems developed by IMSA alumni at MIT.  He is truly deserving of this award."

Dr. Matsko looks forward to a special recognition event to celebrate his excellence as an educator and has been invited to access resources at MIT that will contribute to even greater success as an educator.

Read more information about Dr. Matsko's work in mathematics education and at IMSA.

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