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IMSA Co-Founder and Resident Scholar Dr. Leon Lederman Receives 2012 Vannevar Bush Award

The National Science Board has announced that IMSA Resident Scholar and Nobel Laureate Dr. Leon Lederman has received the distinguished 2012 Vannevar Bush Award.

2012 Vannevar Bush Award Recipient Dr. Leon Lederman

Each year, the National Science Board presents the Vannevar Bush Award to "truly exceptional, lifelong leaders in science and technology who have made substantial contributions to the welfare of the nation through public service activities in science, technology and public policy."

In a  letter of reference to the National Science Board, IMSA Founding President and President Emerita Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall called Dr. Lederman a "catalyst for developing STEM talent and potential for the nation's next generation of STEM innovators."  The following is an excerpt from her letter:

"Dr. Lederman has publicly focused his unparalleled creativity and indefatigable energy on improving science and technology education.  He has made significant contributions to the welfare and vitality of our nation, intensely illuminating a key national priority--scientific excellence-- through the development of scientific talent and the acceleration of scientific careers.  His achievements were the result of relentless advocacy, visionary leadership, bold policy recommendations and the creation of innovative national programs that have been adapted and scaled in the United States and abroad."

View the National Science Foundation (NSF) press release about Dr. Lederman's award, including information on his long and distinguished career.

Dr. Lederman will receive the Vannevar Bush medal at an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. in May.

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