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IMSA Russian Students Bring Home the Gold

IMSA Russian students continue to dominate their peers nationwide in the National Russian Essay Contest, sponsored by the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR).

IMSA students (see list below) were awarded 20% of the gold medals at the Intermediate level and 25% of the gold medals at the Advanced level in the 30th Annual National Russian Essay Contest.  The gold medal essays at the Advanced level were forwarded to the Pushkin Institute in Moscow for further judging.

National Russian Essay Contest Award Winners

Russian Teacher Paavo Husen said he is very proud of the students’ performance as well as the IMSA World Languages curriculum.

“IMSA students of Russian have been a dominant force in the National Russian Essay Contest for many, many years,” Husen said.  “Participating in the NREC has become a tradition that bonds my students together,” he added. “Contest judges (high school teachers and university professors) throughout the nation have shared with me their admiration for our students on numerous occasions at conferences and board meetings. The success of our students on the NREC says a great deal about our fine students, the quality of the current World Languages curriculum, and the quality of writing instruction in all disciplines at IMSA.”

In the contest, 31 IMSA Russian II and Russian III students wrote essays on the topic of “A Remarkable Person,” competing against nearly 1300 students nationwide.  

“I am very proud that our students are willing to sit for two hours and write essays that are completely optional, not required for courses at IMSA,” Husen said.  “Thanks to the consistent success of IMSA in the NREC, I was selected in January to be co-chair of the contest by the American Councils of Teachers of Russian, beginning in November.”

Congratulations to the following students:

Intermediate Gold Award Winners: Sharadyn Ciota, Francis Cocjin, Morgan Johnson, Connor Kasch, Emily Lindgren, Patricia Ronczy, Robert Schurz, Aditi Warhekar and Andy Yeager.

Intermediate Silver Award Winners:  Wesley Beck, Gregory Busby II, Bryan Hoffman, Alexandra Maffei, John Mcguire, Jeannine Schulz and Sydney Tomasko.

Intermediate Bronze Award Winner: Jimmy Huang

Advanced Gold Award Winners:  Ajay Chatrath, Jason Chien, Eleanor Cory, Nathan Geldner, Egle Malinauskaite, Benjamin Richardson, Madison Rogers, Vanya Yorgova and Stanley Yuan.

Advanced Silver Award Winners:  Peter Howes, Tonu Pius and Taylor Yost.

Advanced Bronze Award Winners: Grant Herrman and Peter Lu.

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