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IMSA Team Wins Distinction Award at Singapore International Math Challenge

A team of four IMSA students competed against 45 other teams from 25 countries and four continents to earn a Distinction Award in the Singapore International Math Challenge.

IMSA students Henry Deng, Mathew Gietl, Andrew Ta, and Matthew Yang (pictured) worked on the problems for 33 hours, submitting a full solution paper. They then had another day to prepare an oral presentation to the problems.

The judging criteria was determined by the Challenge Executive Committee. The general criteria include creative ability, accuracy, efficiency and clarity. The team from IMSA received a Distinction Award for Excellent performance in Challenge Presentation.

This is the first time IMSA competed in the invitational Singapore International Math Challenge, which began in 2008 and is held every two years.  The students were coached by IMSA Mathematics Faculty Member Dr. Steve Condie of Naperville.

IMSA students were chosen to compete based on their National Outstanding performance on the international High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling held in November 2011.

Dr. Condie said students worked throughout the year so were well-prepared for the Singapore competition.

“The students competed in HiMCM, then Moody's Mega Math Challenge - both modeling contests that involved extended "math modeling" problems that they work on together over a 24-36 hour period,” Dr. Condie said.  “They looked at old problems, sample solutions, judge's comments, etc. and we of course talked about strategies.”

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