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Science Teacher Wins ISTA New Teacher Award

IMSA Science Faculty member Dr. Peter Dong is the latest in a string of IMSA science faculty members to win a statewide teaching award from the Illinois Science Teachers Association (ISTA).

Dr. Dong, a fourth year IMSA physics teacher, was nominated by his colleagues and recently honored at the Illinois Science Teachers Association (ISTA) conference held November 2.

The award recognizes extraordinary accomplishments in the field of teaching science. Mentioned in Dong's impressive list of accomplishments includes revamping the Scientific Inquiries Physics class, performing the musical he wrote (cleverly named Les Phys), coaching the IMSA Debate Team and participating on the strategic plan committee.

Dr. Dong is the fifth IMSA science teacher to earn an ISTA award for teaching in the past five years. Dr. Megan Schrementi, Dr. Jeong Choe-Hwang, Sarah O'Leary and Dr. Mark Carlson received awards in previous years.

In addition, Dr. Dong and one of his IMSA classes was featured recently on NCTV- Channel 17 in Naperville!  View the segment here:

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