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Six IMSA Staff Members Receive NBPTS Certification; 33% of IMSA Faculty Now NBPTS-Certified

Six IMSA staff members completed the 2012 rigorous national certification process to become NBPTS-certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NPBTS) bringing to 33% the number of IMSA teachers now NBPTS-certified.

As part of the NBPTS certification process, IMSA staff members compiled and submitted a teaching portfolio which included videotapes of classroom teaching, lesson plans, student work samples and reflective written commentaries.  They also had to complete an assessment involving a series of written exercises designed around challenging teacher issues such as curriculum design, student assessment and content knowledge.

  Dr. Mark Carlson

Dr. Jeong Hwang-Choe
   Dr. Peter Clancy
   Dr. Peter Dong
   Julia Husen
Sarah O'Leary Driscoll  

IMSA staff members who received NBPTS certification were:  Science Faculty Member Dr. Mark Carlson of Naperville, Science Faculty Member Dr. Peter Clancy of Lisle, Science Faculty Member Dr. Peter Dong of Naperville, Coordinator of College and Academic Counseling Julia Husen of North Aurora, Science Faculty Member Dr. Jeong Hwang-Choe and Science Faculty Member Sarah O'Leary Driscoll of Sycamore.

IMSA President Dr. Glenn W. "Max" McGee congratulated staff members on their recent NBPTS certification.

"Congratulations on your extraordinary achievement for obtaining your National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certificate," Dr. McGee said. "The fact that you are a National Board certified teacher is powerful, important evidence of the quality of education we deliver to our students," Dr. McGee added.

IMSA Principal Dr. Diana Sharp commended faculty members for being such wonderful role models for IMSA students.

"At IMSA, we are fortunate to have teachers who are dedicated, knowledge experts in their fields and this, coupled with an environment that fosters professional development and teamwork, is a winning combination both for IMSA students, the IMSA community and the State of Illinois.  The National Board of Professionald Teaching Standards Certification of so many of our faculty reconfirms their committment to excellence and lifelong learning for themselves as well as their students."

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, founded in 1987, is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan and non-governmental organization dedicated to raising the level of teaching excellence in classrooms throughout America.

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