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Writer/Director Jenny Deller ’94 Debuts Future Weather Film in Chicago

By Mike Abrahamson, IMSA Marketing

Future Weather, the critically-acclaimed film written and directed by Jenny Deller ’94, premiered February 22nd at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.

Deller’s debut film tells the story of Laudaree, a 13 year-old girl from Southern Illinois who is abandoned by her mother, an aspiring Hollywood dreamer. After a police officer discovers her trying to survive on her own, Laudaree must move in with Greta, her jaded grandmother, and the two struggle with trust and the unknown as they navigate a new life together.

Future Weather screening with IMSA community members and Jenny Deller

There is plenty in this stirring emotional drama for the IMSA community to relate to: Laudaree is obsessed with science, experiments, and especially global warming, and she is mentored by her science teacher. As Deller explains in a compelling Huffington Post interview, Laudaree projects her family issues onto the problem of global warming, which she tackles through her carbon sequestration experiments. Deller draws a parallel throughout the film between Laudaree’s mother abandoning her because of selfish ambition and society’s abandonment of future generations through neglectfully dismissing global warming.

The theme of sustainability not only plays a thematic role in the movie Future Weather, but it also was an important aspect of its production. In spite of the challenges of making a movie on a tight budget, Deller filmed Future Weather in Philadelphia using a bio-friendly approach which included using only refillable water bottles, utilizing efficient electronics, and recycling.

IMSA students and staff attended the 12:30 screening on February 23rd at the Gene Siskel Film Center and stayed after for a special Q&A with Jenny Deller and producer Kristin Fairweather.

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