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James Tao Places Third, Wins Gold in Romanian International Math Competition

By Mike Abrahamson, IMSA Marketing

IMSA Junior James Tao once again finished among the best in an international math competition, tying for 3rd place and winning a Gold Medal at the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition.

Held in Bucharest from February 27th to March 3rd, this Olympiad level international mathematics contest featured 15 teams and 91 participants. 

James Tao with teammates
James Tao in Romania with USA teammates Mark Sellke, Andre Arslan, and Danielle Wang

The test consisted of a total of six questions that the contestants had nine hours to solve, the first half on March 1st and the second half on March 2nd. Each problem counted for seven points with some partial credit given. James received 35 points, receiving full credit on all problems except the second.

Only two students, Omer Cerrahoglu from Romania and Krachun Dmitrii from Russia, were able to score perfectly on the test. James more than doubled the average score of the 91 participants, which was 16.6.

In part because of James’s efforts, the US team finished first, edging out Russia 105-101. "Nobody on the US team thought we would do so well going into the competition” James said. “We gave our best efforts, and I think we're all happy with the results. The contest was an inspiring experience for me.”

For complete scores go to the Romanian Master of Mathematics site and for more information contact