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Residential Programs (Grades 8-9)

Summer@IMSA residential programs give students the chance to experience IMSA through life on campus. In addition to the specific program content during the day, our residential programs include structured evening activities and are a required component of our camps. Please plan accordingly and do not schedule anything that conflicts with evening activities. Participation in evening program is expected of all participants. Activities include games, movies, an ice cream social, and a bonfire with s’mores.

Residential program participants arrive on campus the Sunday evening before the program start date. Program pick up takes place Friday afternoon. Your pre-program email with provide full details. Participants in residential programs must turn 13 by September 1, 2019 in order to participate.

Your child can request a friend or family member to be their roommate (all participants will have a roommate) and/or to be in their group throughout the week. Programs typically have more than one section. This form can be filled out online by logging in to your account after completing registration.

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

This program is now at capacity for male participants. Please follow the online registration link to sign up for the waitlist. 

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering have never worked better together than in this program! Students will learn physiology applications by using engineering to visualize the relationships between structure and function of both the digestive and cardiovascular systems. “Working” models of both systems will be designed, engineered, and built during the course of the week. Students will also have the opportunity to model different pathological conditions in their models such as atherosclerosis and Crohn’s disease and explain the biophysical and biochemical basis of their creations. Through model-building and testing, dissections, chemistry experiments, and possibly even a laparoscopic surgery simulation, students will come away with a newfound appreciation for these crucial systems. The week will culminate with the students presenting their creations at a showcase for parents.

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June 16 – 21 Aurora (Application Closed)

Genetics: Nature or Nurture?

Genetics has become a cutting-edge science, not only in the field of biology, but also because of the enormous social and medical reach of its discoveries. In this program, students will explore the environment’s role in gene expression. Are traits controlled by inherited genes or by a combination of genes and the environment? Students will experiment with Drosophila (fruit flies) a widely used model organism in real-world genetics investigations and will also practice doing or modeling genetic techniques such as DNA isolation, gene-editing, PCR, etc.  Students will also use statistical analyses to quantify research outcomes.

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June 23 – 28 Aurora (Application Closed)

Integrated Science (for students entering Grade 9)

IMSA’s Integrated Science Program is a selective application course focused on providing STEM education opportunities to students who might otherwise not have the opportunity. Partial to full scholarships are available.

This uniquely IMSA program, combining two weeks of online learning followed by one week of engaging hands-on learning on campus in Aurora, explores the links between biology, chemistry, and physical science. Taught by IMSA faculty, participants delve into scientific topics including gas laws, osmosis/diffusion, and how water affects climate.

With a solid foundation from two weeks of online courses, students arrive at IMSA for a week of hands-on activities in our labs. Students live in the residence halls, experiencing life at IMSA first hand as a student. At the conclusion of the program, students are presented with a Certificate of Completion.

One can either apply for the program or apply for a scholarship for the program. There is no cost to apply. Students can apply to both the Promise and Integrated Science programs, but will not be admitted/accepted to both. All applicants are required to submit a teacher recommendation form and a short essay. Additionally, scholarship applicants must provide proof of financial need – either your 2017 or 2018 federal tax return.

Students must be entering 9th grade in fall 2019 and have completed a year of pre-algebra by the time the program begins in order to be eligible for this program.

Partial funding for this program has been generously provided by the Pentair Foundation and Nicor Gas.
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(Application Closed)

June 10 – 28 (Online),
July 7 – 12 (On Campus)

Aurora (Application Closed)

Maker Girl STEM

Calling all girl makers! Join your fellow girls into STEM for a summer camp experience designed just for you. Discover the wonders of making and creating in engineering, robotics, computer programming, and maker design concepts and technology. In this camp students will turn your creative ideas into reality, be introduced to the Maker Movement, and learn modern prototyping methods. Students will experience design thinking, applied problem solving, 3D modeling and 3D printing, how to control motors and sensors and turn your face into a model. Make this summer a making one.

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July 8 – 12 Aurora (Application Closed)

Innovation Through the Ages

In this program, students will be introduced to pivotal moments in technological and artistic innovation and the physics and science behind them. Students will work in groups to create, imagine, design, and recreate key innovations that moved the Western world from antiquity to modernity. Tools and techniques used by engineers and artists to transform their communities will be utilized as students solve the same problems innovators faced throughout history. Projects may include architectural studies and early perspective techniques; the mechanics of trebuchets and catapults, and the principals of flight and development of the first flying machines.

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July 14 – 19 Aurora (Application Closed)

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