Resources for Student Inquiry and Research - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Resources for Student Inquiry and Research

In addition to the specific details and guidance provided within the Student Inquiry and Research website, IMSA has some general resources and facilities that may assist with your investigation.

Facilities for Student Inquiry and Research

The Grainger Center for Imagination and Inquiry (GCII) and the Grainger Inventors’ Workshop are facilities intended for IMSA student use and are readily available after appropriate permissions have been granted by the Director of each facility. Both facilities are staffed regularly and are located in the B-wing, first floor, of the IMSA main building.

Research Resources

IMSA’s Information Resource Center (IRC) has abundant access to books, databases, journals and other reference materials, and staff can provide research assistance.

Research ethics characterize the standards of judgment and behavior expected of people when they conduct research investigations and report research findings. Students participating in SIR investigations are responsible for conducting their investigations and reporting their findings within the bounds of these expectations.

Other Resources

Other resources, such as a poster printer, transportation to off-campus investigation sites, and limited funds are available to assist with Student Inquiry and Research investigations.

Learned Scholars

IMSA’s distinguished staff supports students who participate in the Student Inquiry and Research Program.