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Setup and Maintenance of Group and Public Computers

The purpose of this standard is to define how multi-user computers will be setup, configured and how they will be supported when problems occur. This policy will be implemented for computers used by two or more persons and those in computer labs. The processes explained in this document are designed to offer efficient and timely service as well as a consistent computing environment for the community.

Initial Configuration Setup

Standard software will be installed and configured suitably for the computer type, location and usage:

  • The appropriate network client will be installed.
  • The current supported version of Microsoft Office suite will be installed.
  • Internet access software (browser) and an email client will be installed, along with any other software included in the standard IMSA configuration.
  • Printer drivers will be installed and configured for a default printer.
  • Any additional supported software packages will be installed and configured with respect to job requirements or lab purposes.


Problem Resolution for Computers Requiring Software or Operating System Repairs

A technician will examine the computer and determine the seriousness of the problem. If the problem can be fixed within a reasonable amount of time, less than thirty (30) minutes, the appropriate solution will be applied. Problems determined to require more than thirty (30) minutes will be resolved using a re-mastering process. Although ITS may make reasonable attempts to notify users before a drive is re-mastered, we will not be responsible for any data stored on the local drive.

The Re-mastering Process

The hard drive will be erased and all standard software will be reinstalled. The computer will be configured for appropriate use on the network and tested.

Because of this process, ITS strongly recommends that all files created by the users be stored on the network servers. Note also that any special configuration done by the users will not be restored. This can include screen savers, downloaded software, sounds or other types of add-ons.