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Network Honor Code

It should be understood that it is possible that individual statements in the Computer and Network Honor Code can sometimes be in conflict with one another. Part of being an ethical leader is understanding the trade-offs between two potentially conflicting belief statements. Making trade-offs means that the individual statements in the Honor Code may not be absolutes. For example, sometimes privacy and confidentiality might be partially compromised (1st statement) because someone has been highly disrespectful (5th statement).

It should be further understood that users of IMSA computing and networking resources may not assume absolute privacy. While there is not active monitoring of network connections or individual computer files, when there is reasonable belief that an IMSA policy has been violated, it is possible that network connections could be monitored and/or private computer files be inspected.

  • Respect the privacy of others and honor confidentiality.
  • Honor contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities.
  • Be considerate with respect to computer and network technology.
  • Understand that software piracy is a federal offense, and that IMSA's network may not be used for distributing or storing commercial software not licensed by the Academy.
  • Understand that I am a representative of IMSA and so will display the tact, control, and respect necessary to maintain credibility and respectability for both the Academy and myself.
  • Understand that I am responsible for all activity on my account, even if I am not the one behind the keyboard; and for this reason I will keep my account secure and not share my password with anyone else.
  • Understand that IMSA is an educational community, and that as such our educational function is our paramount mission; therefore, in cases of conflict over network or hardware usage, I will defer my recreational activities (on-line gaming, social e-mail or Internet time, and anything else not directly relating to academic concerns) to any fellow staff or students who need the access for academic work or projects.
  • Understand that my actions can have consequences that reach beyond myself, and I will therefore make deliberate decisions not to engage in behavior that might adversely affect others.
  • Be willing to ask questions regarding computer procedures when I don't know how to do something or am unsure of what the consequences of a particular process might be, and in this way, I will help to ensure the security of the network and to increase my knowledge of computer and network use.