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Maintenance of Non-Academy-Owned Computing Equipment

It is the specific responsibility of ITS to provide, manage and maintain the equipment and software for staff and general student resources. However, it is not ITS responsibility to maintain non-Academy-owned computers and other equipment.

Our specific concerns regarding the maintenance of non-Academy-owned equipment are use of ITS staff time, use of ITS resources (test equipment, tools, supplies, etc.), and liability in the event of problems caused by or thought to be caused by ITS intervention.

With that in mind, there may be circumstances in which ITS personnel and other resources may be used to install, assemble, maintain or repair non-Academy-owned computers or other computer-related equipment. These circumstances may include, but not be limited to, working on non-Academy-owned equipment used to do occasional work for IMSA that might ordinarily be done on Academy computers.

For IMSA community members utilizing non-Academy-owned equipment, ITS staff may:

  • teach them how to attach physically to the network,
  • make recommendations to regarding computer configurations for use with the IMSA network,
  • provide freeware utility resources, and
  • assist with questions regarding IMSA standard software.


In any case, the advantage to the Academy of performing such work must outweigh the potential loss of ITS resources (time, equipment, materials, etc.) and the potential liability to the Academy and ITS. The value to the Academy must exceed the cost.

Therefore, all commitments to perform work on non-Academy-owned computers must be approved in advance by the Director of ITS or his/her designee.

Even with such approval, ITS staff members may not, while acting as Academy employees:

  • open a non-Academy-owned computer while it's under warranty,
  • purchase equipment for IMSA community members,
  • resell equipment to or for community members,
  • support non-Academy standard software, or
  • enter a student's residence hall room for purpose of maintaining, servicing or installing non-Academy-owned computer(s) or other equipment.

In accordance with State of Illinois law and IMSA policy, ITS personnel may not perform work on any non-Academy owned equipment on Academy time, or using Academy resources, if that equipment is not to be used for Academy business.