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Parents Association Council (PAC) use of IMSA IT Resources

Adobe Connect usage by the Parents Association Council (PAC) and its sub committees

Adobe Connect is a product/service provided and supported by Information Technology Services (ITS) for the IMSA community. Adobe Connect is a web conference solution with virtual classroom capabilities. Adobe Connect is a service to be used for official IMSA business and communications only. The use of this service is being extended to PAC under the following circumstances and conditions.

  • PAC members tasked with hosting/moderator duties will be required to request an IMSA network account. The forms required for this account request may be obtained from the ITS HelpDesk via an e-mail request to The requester needs to identify themselves as an IMSA parent and include the full name and class year of their student currently in attendance at IMSA. This account will automatically be removed when your student leaves or graduates from IMSA.
  • Adobe Connect can only be used for official PAC meetings or sub-committee meetings at prearrange dates and times.
  • Access to the Adobe Connect meeting console will be made available to the host/moderator one week before the meeting date and will be removed after the meeting. This prior access is granted so the host/moderator can upload any shared documents to the meeting.
  • Electronic training materials covering host/moderator tasks will be provided to PAC host/moderator personnel.

This document is an operational standard and as such, is subject to change without notice.