Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.

Programmatic Icons

CoolHub Icon Graphic Files - JPGs

CoolHub Black Horizontal jpg 

CoolHub Black Vertical jpg

CoolHub Spot Color Horizontal jpg

CoolHub Spot Color Vertical jpg

CoolHub 4 color Horizontal jpg

CoolHub 4 color Vertical jpg

CoolHub Icon Graphic Files - PNGs

CoolHub Black  Horizontal  png

CoolHub Black Vertical png

CoolHub Spot Color Horizontal png

CoolHub Spot Color Vertical png

CoolHub 4 color Horizontal png

CoolHub 4 color Vertical png

IMSA FUSION Icon Graphic Files - JPGs

IMSA FUSION Black Horizontal jpg

IMSA FUSION Black Vertical jpg

IMSA FUSION Spot Color Horizontal jpg

IMSA FUSION Spot Color Vertical jpg

IMSA FUSION 4 Color Horizontal jpg

IMSA FUSION 4 Color Vertical jpg

IMSA FUSION Icon Graphic Files - PNGs

IMSA FUSION Black Horizontal png

IMSA FUSION Black Vertical png

IMSA FUSION Spot Color Horizontal png

IMSA FUSION Spot Color Vertical png

IMSA FUSION 4 Color Horizontal png

IMSA FUSION 4 Color Vertical png

Summer@IMSA Icon Graphic Files - JPGs

Summer@IMSA Black Horizontal jpg

Summer@IMSA Black Vertical jpg

Summer@IMSA Spot Color Horizontal jpg

Summer@IMSA Spot Color Vertical jpg

Summer@IMSA 4 Color Horizontal jpg

Summer@IMSA 4 Color Vertical jpg

Summer@IMSA Icon Graphic Files - PNGs

Summer@IMSA Black Horizontal png

Summer@IMSA Black Vertical png

Summer@IMSA Spot Color Horizontal png

Summer@IMSA Spot Color Vertical png

Summer@IMSA 4 Color Horizontal png

Summer@IMSA 4 Color Vertical png

TALENT Icon Graphic Files - JPGs

TALENT Black Horizontal jpg

TALENT Black Vertical jpg

TALENT Spot Color Horizontal jpg

TALENT Spot Color Vertical jpg

TALENT 4 Color Horizontal jpg

TALENT 4 Color Vertical jpg

TALENT Icon Graphic Files - PNGs

TALENT Black Horizontal png

TALENT Black Vertical png

TALENT Spot Color Horizontal png

TALENT Spot Color Vertical png

TALENT 4 Color Horizontal png

TALENT  4 Color Vertical png

IRC Icon Graphic Files - JPGs

IRC Black Horizontal - jpg

IRC Black Vertical - jpg

IRC Spot Color Horizontal - jpg

IRC Spot Color Vertical - jpg

IRC 4 Color Horizontal - jpg

IRC 4 Color Vertical - jpg

IRC Icon Graphic Files - PNGs

IRC Black Horizontal - png

IRC Black Vertical - png

IRC Spot Color Horizontal - png

IRC Spot Color Vertical - png

IRC 4 Color Horizontal - png

IRC 4 Color Vertical - png

English Icon Graphic Files - JPGs

English Black Horizontal - jpg

English Black Vertical - jpg

English Spot Color Horizontal - jpg

English Spot Color Vertical - jpg

English 4 Color Horizontal - jpg

English 4 Color Vertical - jpg

English Icon Graphic Files - PNGs

English Black Horizontal - png

English Black Vertical - png

English Spot Color Horizontal - png

English Spot Color Vertical - png

English 4 Color Horizontal - png

English 4 Color Vertical - png