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Reporting Crime

It is very important that all crimes and incidents are reported to the Security Department and a Resident Counselor. When we are aware of incidents and trends we are able to work with in-house resources to take appropriate steps to stop the problem. When we are not able to handle the problem in-house , we have a strong working relationship with the Aurora Police, State's Attorneys Office, Kane County Sheriff's Department, Illinois State Police, and an entire network of other agencies who will assist us with the problem. We also can use this information to educate other students and staff about the problem, so they can protect themselves and their property from the same or related hazards.

Every security report documented is recorded electronically for data retrieval, efficient reproduction, effective trend matching, and effective data collection. Certain incidents are also tracked visually on old fashion pin maps for visually tracking certain trends and locations of occurrence.

As an educational institution and by status and age of all students at IMSA, we are required by law to report most crimes to the local police. Recent Illinois legislation mandates a reciprocal sharing of information between the school and local police agency for certain types of situations.

None of this is possible if incidents are not reported in a timely and appropriate manner, so please contact IMSA Security to report any crimes or incidents.

To Contact Security anonymously, download our LiveSafe App.