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Professional Development

IMSA’s Signature Strategy of Professional Development

IMSA offers professional development sessions on mathematics, science, technology, and pedagogy for pre-service and in-service educators and administrators. These professional development opportunities align with IMSA’s signature strategy of learning: Inquiry-Based, Problem-Centered, Competency- Driven and Integrative.  Professional learning opportunities include events held at IMSA, sessions presented at conferences, and workshops delivered in schools across the state and beyond.  Educator workshops can be customized to meet any school’s specific needs

Thoughtful Thursdays – Professional Learning in STEM education

Thursdays are professional development days at IMSA.  Each Thursday beginning in October, IMSA will offer a different full day workshop focused on key concepts, critical thinking skills, and instructional strategies in math, science, engineering, computer science, technology or integrated STEM.  Check back soon for the calendar of specific training events.


Instructional Strategy Sample Workshops:

Teaching with a Full Deck: Card Sorts

Use Your Noodle – Tips from Neuroscience to Sauce up Your Lessons

Cool Observations that lead to Hot Questions

STEM Integration: Statistics is the Connection







Math-based Sample Workshops:

Back to Basics: Mathematical Play

Context is Critical: 6th-12th Grade Three Act Math Tasks

Context is Critical: K-5th Grade Three-Act Math Tasks

STEM Storytelling: Using Picture Books to Integrate Mathematics – “Dare to Tinker”

STEM Storytelling: Using Picture Books to Integrate Mathematics – “Who Lives Here?”

Understanding Mathematics Through Nonverbal Communication

It’s a Wrap: Investigate the concepts of surface area, measurement, ratio and proportion through a visual and kinesthetic mathematical investigation.

Problem-Based Mathematics: You Reap What You Sow

Pipelines and Oil Spills! : Probability and Ratios

The Growth of Uncertainty: One Grain of Rice – Exponential vs Linear Growth

Quadratic Functions: As Simple As A, B, C

Mathematicians Take Risks

Exploration Geometry: Hands-On Transformations


Science-based Sample Workshops

Little Changes: Evolving Your Lessons with Kid-Friendly Text and Inquiry Activities

Wind Energy

“To Infinity and Beyond” – Exploring ways to teach an abstract concept

Is it all Just Random? – Probability and Genetics

Forensic Metallurgy – A Challenge in Basic Measurements

Building Stonehenge: Engineering Science

Engineering with Reinforced Concrete: Material Science

Building a Microbial Fuel Cell

Don’t overdose the patient: A unit conversion literacy project

You are My Density

Daphnia Magna And Water Monitoring


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