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SODEXO – Food Service


SODEXO NEWSLETTER (Updated February 17, 2014)

Brandie Jevtic, General Manager

Here are some links about Sodexo and Food Service:



We ask that you remember just a few things:

1. Have your current school year ID with you when you come for your meals.
2. Speak loud and clear when in line, it can get loud at times.
3. Clean up your table after you are done. If you spill something, let a Sodexo staff member know so that we can take care of it.
4. Enjoy your meal.


Comments – send your comments (rants & raves) about the food and/or service from Sodexo. The information will be received by Kathy McDonnell and Katie Berger (Executive Director of Student Affairs).  The information will also be shared with the Food Committee