STEM at Home

STEM content available to any student with an internet connection!

STEM Bites (Grades 2-6)

IMSA-created, quick activities introduced by our mascot, Darwin the bearded dragon, and his furry friends. These are activities students can do on their own, targeted to grades 2-6. There is no cost to download/access.

STEM Plans (Grades 3-8)

IMSA-created, longer activities needing a parent or adult to help guide students through them. For grades 3-8—there is no cost to download/access.

IMSA STEM League (grades 8-11)

A three-month, online mini-course designed around a hot topic in STEM, which will include a book read, documentaries/TED Talks, and other source material. For students in grades 8-11—weekly time commitment 1-3 hours. This course will run annually from mid January-mid April. The full course description for the next League is below. Moderate participation fee.


Genetics: The Power and Pitfalls of a Modern Revolution

This online mini-course is intended for motivated, independent learners who are interested in taking a closer look at the recent developments in the field of genetics, with a special emphasis on gene therapy and gene editing. The ethical considerations of these powerful tools will also be considered. A variety of media sources such as readings, videos, and online tools will be explored, evaluated and discussed. Over the course of this program we will read The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It, a narrative nonfiction book by Dr. Ricki Lewis, a geneticist, science writer, and educator. The course will culminate in a live, online, interactive session with Dr. Lewis. This course will be led by an IMSA Center for Teaching and Learning curriculum specialist in collaboration with IMSA Science faculty with facilitation assistance from IMSA students.

This mostly asynchronous, online program will give students the opportunity to:

  1. Learn genetics content that has relevant societal implications and
  2. Participate in an online community of scientific thinking and discussion.