Virtual Camps

Virtual Programs Summer 2020

Camps will be week-long, morning sessions (9 am – 12 noon) which will kick off each day with synchronous time on-line with the instructor, followed by individual time to design, build, and/or test the day’s activity, and end each morning with another synchronous session where participants will test or share their progress with the instructor and their peers. Class sizes will be capped at 10-12 participants to ensure a robust experience! Participants will need access to a computer and Internet.

The curriculum for these camps are drawn from our most popular in-person camps and involve those activities that can be successfully done and guided in a virtual setting. A materials list will be sent to all participants once you register, and contain inexpensive items you can obtain at the grocery or hardware store or even online or around your home.

Camp tuition is $150. Registration links are below the descriptions. Some programs are filled, but please sign up for the waitlist – we will reach out to you if a spot opens.

Makey Lab – Virtual Cut (Grades 3-4)

Do you love to tinker and create? In this camp you will design and make your very own playground, learn how circuits work and then build one to power a night-light, and design, make, and present your own toy or game.

STEM Buffet (Grades 3-4)

Do you love all things science? Are you an inventor, developing and building your own creations? Maybe you are an engineer, tinkering with and improving on projects? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure about science, technology, engineering, and math yet. Come experience a buffet of STEM activities and find your passion! Become a chemist, concocting extra-special bubbles. Use the magic of magnets to create slime that moves on its own and a challenging arcade game to play with others. And of course there will be rockets! How high will they go? Get a taste of all things STEM with Summer@IMSA.

Engineering Explorations – Virtual Cut (Grades 5-6)

Participants will engage in hands-on activities as they explore the engineering design process. Students will design and build boats and test them through a series of virtual challenges, create models of heart valves and lungs, and test the principles of force and motion by building a Rube Goldberg contraption.

STEM Buffet (Grades 5-6)

Be sure to bring your appetites—for STEM, that is! In this camp, students will get the chance to keep the science rolling this summer through super cool scientific inquiries and exciting hands-on projects. From casting a “magic” pH rainbow to unveiling the secrets of “pi”, students are sure to be on a roll with these fun discoveries! Additional projects will challenge students to use their engineering skills while harnessing the power of kinetic energy as they create a mini-arcade game, build a mini water wheel, and make self-propelled cars! This STEM Buffet is sure to satisfy your STEM-appetite.

Gold Medal Stem – Virtual Cut (Grades 7-8)

Discover how STEM concepts can be applied to a variety of sports. How is sports equipment made to accommodate maximal forces? These and other physics principles will be explored as participants build and customize their own bow and arrows, catapults, bike helmets, and vault landing mats.

Virtual Power Pitch Bootcamp (Grades 7-9)

Lifecycle of a start-up and business development for students.

Do you have a middle school student who is always coming up with ideas for new and innovative products? Would they like to compete in a “Shark Tank” style pitch competition? IMSA’s Virtual Power Pitch Bootcamp is a week long, half-day, quick study in the steps and techniques used to bring an idea from concept to presentation. Your child will spend four days learning and applying the basics via zoom meetings, presentations, and mentorship. The Bootcamp culminates on Friday with a mini virtual Power Pitch competition in front of actual judges where prizes will be awarded for the top three pitches.

Anatomy: Digestion and the Body (Grades 8-9)

Students will gain a deeper understanding for the anatomy of the digestive system as well as how the digestive system is able to perform its all-important task of converting the foods we eat into the fuel & energy we need to go about our daily lives. They will also get to explore some of the ways the digestive system works in tandem with other parts/systems in the body including looking into some of the new research on the connection between the gut and the brain as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome in order to optimize a person’s immune defense system. Throughout the week students will design and build a “working” model of the digestive system in their very own kitchen. The week will culminate with participants showing off their creations with their peers and families.

Biomedical Engineering and the Heart (Grades 8-9)

In this program students will study the physiology of the cardiovascular system and apply specific engineering principles to trouble-shoot, design and construct a “working” model of the heart. Students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate different pathological conditions in their models such as atherosclerosis and heart block, and clarify the biophysical and biochemical basis of their creations. Modeling will help students gain a better appreciation of structure-function relationships in the cardiovascular system, and they will use this understanding to predict pathologies of other organ systems of the body. The week will culminate with students virtually presenting their
creations to their peers.

Genetics: The Power and Pitfalls of a Modern Revolution (Grades 8-11)

This online mini-course that runs from June 22 – July 31 is intended for motivated, independent learners who are interested in taking a closer look at the recent developments in the field of genetics, with a special emphasis on gene therapy and gene editing. The ethical considerations of these powerful tools will also be considered.  A variety of media sources such as readings, videos, and online tools will be explored, evaluated and discussed. Over the course of this program we will read The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It, a narrative nonfiction book by Dr. Ricki Lewis, a geneticist, science writer, and educator. The course will culminate in a live, online, interactive session with Dr. Lewis. The time commitment is roughly 4-6 hours per week.

This mostly asynchronous, online program will give students the opportunity to

1. Learn genetics content that has relevant societal implications and
2. Participate in an online community of scientific thinking and discussion.

Grade LevelSessionLocationDatesRegistrationScholarship Application
3-4STEM Buffet CampOnline6/15 - 6/19Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
5-6Virtual Cut: Engineering ExplorationsOnline6/15 - 6/19Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
8-9Anatomy: Digestion and the BodyOnline6/15 - 6/19Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
8-9Biomedical Engineering and the HeartOnline6/15 - 6/19Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
3-4Virtual Cut: Makey LabOnline6/22 - 6/26Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
5-6STEM Buffet CampOnline6/22 - 6/26Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
7-8Virtual Cut: Gold Medal STEMOnline6/22 - 6/26Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
8-9Biomedical Engineering and the HeartOnline6/22 - 6/26Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
8-11Genetics: The Power and Pitfalls of a Modern RevolutionOnline6/22 - 7/31Register Now WAITLIST ONLYClosed
3-4STEM Buffet CampOnline7/6 - 7/10Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
5-6Virtual Cut: Engineering ExplorationsOnline7/6 - 7/10Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
8-9Anatomy: Digestion and the BodyOnline7/6 - 7/10Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
3-4Virtual Cut: Makey LabOnline7/13 - 7/17Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
5-6STEM Buffet CampOnline7/13 - 7/17Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
7-8Virtual Cut: Gold Medal STEMOnline7/20 - 7/24Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
7-9Virtual Power Pitch BootcampOnline7/20 - 7/24Register Now
7-9Virtual Power Pitch BootcampOnline7/27 - 7/31Register Now
3-4STEM Buffet CampOnline7/27 - 7/31Register NowApply Now
3-4Virtual Cut: Makey LabOnline8/3 - 8/7Register NowApply Now
5-6Virtual Cut: Engineering ExplorationsOnline8/3 - 8/7Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now
8-9Anatomy: Digestion and the BodyOnline8/3 - 8/7Register Now WAITLIST ONLYApply Now

Refund Policy:

Please choose your programs carefully. Refunds of 50% of the tuition will be honored through May 31. No refunds whatsoever will be granted after June 1. Requests for tuition refunds must be made in writing by sending an email to  Please include the program name and date, your child’s name, and your name. Phone call requests for refunds will not be accepted.