2020-2021 PAC Leadership

Please consult the Student Directory in PowerSchool for representative’s contact information, and use the search tool from your browser, or click on the Parent Name header to sort alphabetically by parent names.

PAC Executive Committee
President Maria Tiongco Ramos
Vice President Cathy Williams
Secretary Kyle Blais
Treasurer Alex Williams
Sophomore Representative Katarina Kuzukas
At-Large Board Member Aldwin Anterola
Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs
Academic Chairs Mojhu Fatoorehchi IMSAPACAcademicCommittee@gmail.com
Gabriella Lima
Cathleen O’Hare
Student Life Chairs Maria Dripps-Paulson pacstulife@gmail.com
Audrey Nelson Arowolo
Hospitality Chairs Svetlana Smolgovskaya
Danaka Bulthuis
Friday Fest Chairs Robyn Abend
Gabriella Lima
Missy Graf
Sr. Banquet Chair TBD
Transportation Chairs Abhijit Patkar
Jill Cigliana
Facebook Groups Moderator Jim Ramos
Technology Chairs Gui Lima
Jose Rodriguez
Regional Representatives TBD