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Clubs and Organizations for 2014-2015


The clubs and organizations listed are student supported.  Each club or organization must have an adult sponsor.  Clubs may elect to be chartered through the Student Council.  Other organizations are sponsored by individual departments or programs.  If you would like more information about a particular club or organization, please email the advisor or student contact person.  For all other questions, please contact us in Student Life at (630)907-5009


ACRONYM - sponsor - Tracy Townsend
Description: Student newspaper - internet editions.

AMERICAN COMPUTER SCIENCE LEAGUE - sponsor - Namrata Pandya and Pat Patankar
Description: Computer science competition team.

CHESS TEAM - sponsor - Don Porzio
Description: IHSA competition and school club

Seniors - sponsor - Amy Woods & Chris Whitehead
Juniors - sponsor - Amy Woods & Lindsey Roper
Sophomores - sponsor - Alex Johnson & Becca Calvillo

DRAMA CLUB - sponsor- Julie Dowling & John Jaeger
Description: A student theatre organization

FUTURE PROBLEM SOLVING BOWL - sponsor - Julie Christman
Description - Students learn problem solving skills.

MATH TEAM - sponsor - Noah Prince, Mark Kammrath, April Verser, Micah Fogel, Michael Keyton, and Minda Smith
Description - Math competition

MU ALPHA THETA - sponsor - Janice Krouse
Description - National math honorary society. Holds activities throughout the year.

ROBOTICS - sponsor - Sowmya Anjur & Lawerence Bergie
Description: Club to learn more about robotics

SCHOLASTIC BOWL - sponsor - Noah Prince and Michael Kolton
Description - Multi-school trivia competition.

SCIENCE TEAM- sponsor - Peter Clancy
Description- Science Team consists of two team competitions: 1) Science Bowl is a quiz-show format contest where students are asked questions in the categories of biology, chemistry, physics, math, energy, and earth and space science; 2)in TEAMS, a team of 8 students work together to complete an engineering-based exam centered around a theme. The theme for 2014 was "Engineering Tomorrow's Cities".

SOLO/ENSEMBLE CONTEST - sponsor - Mary Beth McCarthy (Instrumental), Emily Sites (voice)
Description - students compete in area and regional competitions in music and voice

SPEECH TEAM- sponsor - Peter Dong & Leah Kind
Description - promote speech, compete in tournaments

STROLLING STRINGS - sponsor -Mary Beth McCarthy
Description - musical instrumental group

STUDENT COUNCIL - sponsor - Keith McIntosh & Amy Woods
Description - Student government.

YEARBOOK (GALLIMAUFRY) - sponsor - Judy Scheppler
Description - Production of annual yearbook.

Non-IMSA Sponsored Programs (Chartered by Student Council) This listing is for the 2013-14 school year and will be updated as more information is reported.

ACADEMIC DECATHALON - Advisor - Lee Eysturlid

Description - To provide an environment where computer skills can be gained through projects and mentors. Some of the skills ACA will teach are the usage and administration of networks, Linux and production servers.

Description - To educate the IMSA community about African American Culture and heritage.

ALMA LATINA - Advisor - Minerva Juarez
Description - To provide cultural awareness to the IMSA community. The clubs honors all Hispanic cultures, allowing all to see and taste the traditions of these peoples.

ANIME CLUB - Advisor- Marcos Beltran

ASIAN STUDENTS IN AMERICA (ASIA) - Advisor - Kirsty Montgomery
Description: Educate the student population about South Asian Culture.

Description: The Aspiring Artists' Sinfonia (AAS) serves as the only student run orchestra at IMSA.  We provide musicians with the opportunity to express their musicality with classical and modern pieces, learn more about music theory and technique, and perform concerts several times each year.

AVIATION EXPLORERS POST - Advisor - Britta McKenna

BADMINTON CLUB - Advisor - Joe Mastrocola
Description: To give the students at IMSA a fun and relaxed environment to play the great sport of Badminton

Description: To act as a stimulus for the transformation of young women and other underrepresented populations from onlookers into dynamic leaders and to establish a network of self-motivated individuals who embrace diversity.

BOARD GAME INNOVATIONS - Advisor - Kurt Schliep

BRILLIANT BRITISH CLUB - Advisor - Eric Smith & Kirsty Montgomery

CAPOEIRA CLUB - Advisor - Reuel Abraham

ChemClub - Advisor - John Thurmond and Anita Connors White
ChemClub invites, motivates, and encourages high school students to explore the many ways that chemistry connects to their world. Supported by the American Chemical Society, ChemClub provides fun,authentic, and hands-on opportunities for members to: experience chemistry beyond what is taught in the classroom, learn about study and career opportunities in the many and varied fields of chemistry, provide service for the betterment of their communities, discover and pursue connections within the larger chemistry community, and develop leadership and communication skills.

CLUB VERNO - Advisor - Jean Bigger
Description: To catalyze change in the spirit and nature of IMSA for a better tomorrow. To promote sustainable living through the means of recycling, renewable energy, and conservation.

COLOR GUARD - Advisor - Kandyce Baker and Bianca Leoni
Description:A non-auditioning performance group that specializes in performances using flags and other equipment.

DREAM - Advisor - David Lundgren
Description: DREAM (Disabilities Reach Everyone Awareness Matters) is an advocacy group providing disability awareness to IMSA and the surrounding community through a variety of meetings, speakers and volunteer opportunities.

ECONOMICS CLUB - Advisor - Noah Prince

EXODUSAdvisor - Claiborurne Skinner
Description: To provide service to refugees worldwide

FELLAS - Advisor - Jared Ley

Description: To serve as a supplementary business-related organization to allow IMSA students to develop vocational and career supportive competencies.

GIRLS LEARN INTERNATIONAL - Advisor - Namrata Pandya, Kavita Adatia, and Claibourne Skinner

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - Advisor - Brittnee Gilleylen
Description: Organization that assists with building housing to the community

HATIKVAH - Advisor - Sandy Rusakiati
Description: To support our Jewish fellowship and to educate the community about Jewish and Israeli customs.

IMPROV CLUB - Advisor - Joe Mastrocola and Mike Abrahamson
Description: We do improv...

IMSA BOOK CLUB - Advisor - Kavita Adatia

IMSA CHRISTIANS - Advisor - Peter Dong
Description: To spread awareness about what it means to be a Christian.

IMSA MEDICAL SOCIETY - Advisor - Sam Pettigrew
Description: To expose students to the field of medicine through speakers, events and trips.


Description: Spreads awareness celebrating Indian culture by hosting a variety of small events and a major event, Diwali.

JUNIOR STATESMAN OF AMERICA (JSA) - sponsor - Chris Whitehead
Description - To spread political awareness to students through public speaking/debates held at multiple conventions throughout the school year.

KEY CLUB - sponsor - Keith McIntosh
Description - An international organization whose purpose is to serve the school, the people, and community through projects and service activities.

LAW CLUB - Advisor - Lee Eysturlid

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CLUB (LoL) - Advisor - Joe Mastrocola

MOD 21 - Advisor -Sam Pettigrew
Description - A group of students performing A capalla songs.

MODEL UNITED NATIONS (UN) - sponsor - Ish Bew
Description - United Nations simulation.

PING PONG CLUB - Advisor - Jared Ley
Description: A medium for students to play ping-pong.

POKEMON@IMSA - Advisor -

READ 2 LEAD - Advisor - Lani Gordon

SPARK - Advisor - Eric Hetland

SDAC (Spreading Dance Around the Community) - Advisor - Ish Bew

SMAC (Spreading Music Around the Community) - Advisor - April Verser
Description: To provide IMSA musicians with a creative outlet for musical expression, provide musical entertainment for the community, spread the awareness and appreciation of musical art, and further the cause of musical education.

SPARK! - Advisor - Sarah O'Leary-Driscoll
Description: Unite the IMSA community through external partnerships, service, and education towards helping those affected by disabilities as a result of neurodegenerative diseases.

SPECTRUM - Advisor - Eric Hetland
Description - To educate the IMSA community on GLBTQ issues and to extend support to our members and beyond.

Description: To build and sustain positive relationships between our students and our invaluable external constituents: legislators, alumni and donors.

STUDIO 1500 - Advisor - Rob Kiely
Description: IMSA's art club that offers students opportunities to accomplish artistic endeavors without sacrificing academic pursuits.

SUPER SMASH BROS CLUBS - Advisor - Noah Prince

A THOUSAND TONGUES - Advisor - Jose Palos
Description: Stuidents teaching students other languages in a non-academic setting.

WATER POLO -  Advisor - Eric Hetland

WRITE - Advisor - Erin Micklo
Description- WRITE is IMSA's one and only creative writing club that is dedicated to spreading the love of the written word through regular meetings and other fun events. No grades, no teachers, just a pen/computer and fun times!


Other Organizations On Campus

Description: A group that organizes campus wide activities.

PEER MULTICULTURAL EDUCATORS (Student Life Program) - Advisor - Adrienne Coleman
Description - Council of all multicultural groups on campus.

STUDENT AMBASSADORS - Advisor- Quintin Backstrom
Description- Students who lead tours, and help Admissions with Preview and EIP days.