Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

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Off-Campus Guests

Guests may visit the residence halls during the following times:

3:00pm - 9:45pm Monday-Thursday
3:00pm - 11:15pm Friday
10:00am - 11:15pm Saturday
10:00am - 9:45pm Sunday

All visitors (including parents) must sign in at the office in the student’s residence hall. All guests must present photo ID upon signing in and wear an Academy issued ID badge at all times while in the wings of the residence halls. Guests must be accompanied by the IMSA student at all times. Visitors of the opposite sex are allowed in the student’s room or in single-sex wings/lounges under the rules of intervisitation. An opposite-sex sibling, unaccompanied by a parent, may visit in the room, but the RC on duty still must be notified in advance. Visitors are expected to observe school rules and guidelines at all times. Students serving as hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests in the hall and elsewhere on campus and will be subject to the same disciplinary consequences as though they themselves were engaged in the misconduct. For example, should a guest damage school property, and the Academy is unable to collect payment, the student hosting the guest will be billed accordingly.