Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

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Class of 2021


NOTICE: All sophomores are required to stay on campus through the first 2 weekends of school.  This means from Wednesday, August 15th through Friday August 31st.  Any exception to this requirement must be made to Katie Berger, Associate Director of Student Life by email (  There are required events that sophomores must attend starting on move-in day.  A schedule will be provided August 1st.

  • Room - standard (typical) room dimensions.  Please remember that the mattress is 80 inches long.  The linens for the bed need to be TWIN XL.
  • Standard Room arrangement
  • Supply List - This is a suggested supply list to have before moving in to IMSA. 
  • Health Care Items - Health care suggest list to bring before arriving on campus.  For more information, please visit our Health web site.


  • Information concerning attending Excel from July 8 - July 27.  If you are identified for Excel, you will need the information contained at this link. The selection has been made and an email will be sent.  A follow up letter has been sent dated June 13 to those who must attend.  For those who do not have to attend, an email will be sent out on June 14. 

Summer Reading


This is required for all students who are invited to attend and for those students who are on the waitlist.  The student and at least one parent/guardian are required to attend.  Please, no siblings.  This is an all day event, so please plan accordingly.  Cost is $60 per person.  Note - Waitpool students and parents will NOT have to pay.  If the student is invited to attend IMSA, the student will be billed for the day.

  • Schedule for Orientation - Parent and Student (Tentative Schedule will be available soon).
    • June 16th and July 8th - Registration begins at 8am.  The program officially begins at 9:00am in the auditorium. You must be checked in and your Orientation fee paid for before coming to the opening session. Parents will make the payment for both student and parent (checks/cash). The program ends at approximately 5:30pm.
  • MUSIC AUDITIONS - All students that plan to participate in IMSA Choir, Band or Orchestra must audition during Orientation or on a specified date. You should select which date you will be auditioning for when you complete the Placement Site survey.  Students should prepare a solo or etude of their choice. Choose one slow section to showcase tone and a faster section to showcase technique. You will have four minutes to perform. Please remember to bring your instrument. Sign-up for the audition slots are available on the link provided in the letter.  Choir Auditions will be offered at this time as well.