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Intervisitation is defined as the visiting between male and female students in the residential areas of the Academy. Visiting between male and female students in the hall commons area does not require an intervisitation pass. However, if students decide to visit in the wing commons or individual rooms, a pass must be issued by the RC on duty. If granted, an intervisitation pass with the specified time of the "interviz" will be distributed by the RC on duty as long as the roommate does not object. Students will then have the opportunity to host the specific student requested in his/her room for one hour. The RC will only authorize such visitation to those students who have demonstrated responsible behavior.  During the visitation the room door must remain completely open, both students must be visible from the doorway, and they must behave in an appropriate manner. Additional guidelines are posted in each residence hall office. Expect the RC on duty to look in on the students throughout the duration of the interviz. Sophomores are not eligible for intervisitation first semester.

Occasionally, a hall wing may have open house for a special activity.  This must be approved in advance and chaperoned by a staff member.

Approved Intervisitation hours are:

Monday - Thursday 3:00pm - 9:45pm
Friday 3:00pm -11:15pm
Saturday 10:00am -11:15pm
Sunday 10:00am -  9:45pm

RCs may deny intervisitation requests during busy office times, such as evening check, Friday afternoons, or any other time when they cannot go on regular rounds to check in on the students.

Intervisitation Limits:

Monday-Thursday: Eligible students may request 1 intervisitation on their own room and no more than 2 intervisitations per day on campus.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Eligible students may request up to 3 hours of intervisitation per day on the weekend.