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Overnight Visitors

Students may have on campus overnight visitors of the same on Fridays and Saturdays provided the roommate agrees, and each student receives permission from the RC. Permission for on-campus overnight guests must be granted 1 hour prior to check, by (10:30pm) the day of the visit. Any exceptions may be made by the Administrator on Call. Permission for off-campus overnight guests must be received by Thursday at 10pm. Overnight guests cannot be over the age of twenty years or under the age of five years. Students serving as hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests while on campus. Overnight visitors of the opposite sex must stay in the appropriate male or female hall with a designated host of the same sex.

Sleeping occupancy is three people per room. To ensure adequate supervision of students, the number of guests is limited by hall (no more than four guests per wing with a limit of two off-campus guests per wing). Any exceptions to this limit may be made by the RC. Overnight visitors are not allowed during the first three weeks of the school year or during the last two weeks before finals of each semester. Guests with a vehicle must immediately surrender their car keys (if they drove themselves) to the RC on duty upon arrival to the Academy. The keys will be returned to the guest when he/she leaves for home. The Academy is not able to accommodate overnight stays by parents