Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.

Programs, Flyers and Forms

Quick Lunch Program - Flyer to describe the program.

Build A Better Salad Bar - Flyer to describe the program.

Items at meal time - this is a list of specific items available during the meal times (i.e. types of fruit, cereal, milk, etc)

Box Meal Requests - the order form to be used by staff for ordering box lunches

Catering Menu - this is the current catering menu request form (pdf) for staff to use during events at the Academy.  For any questions or comments, please contact Kathy McDonald.

Grab-N-Go - Information concerning the "Grab and Go" program for breakfast (pdf).

Food Committee - The Food Committee is made up of the following: Student Representatives (typically 2, but anyone is welcome), Parents (2 reps from PAC), RCs (1 or 2), Sodexo staff (Kathy McDonald & Chef John), IMSA Administrator (Dr. Hernandez). If you would like to have something discussed, please submit a comment with your name attached so we can respond.