Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.
Study hours are a way to help sophomore students transition into living and learning in the IMSA community. These hours help students set-aside time to study, as well as help facilitate and further develop their time management skills.
One of the most important safety expectations at the Academy is that of off-campus sign outs. While the Academy cannot guarantee knowledge of all students' whereabouts on campus at all times, regulations governing off-campus sign outs are designed to give the staff reasonable knowledge of a student's location, and thus a way of reaching that student in case of an emergency.
Intervisitation is defined as the visiting between male and female students in the residential areas of the Academy.
Various guidelines for visitors and guests.
Students may have overnight visitors (Friday and Saturday only) provided the roommate agrees, and each student receives permission from the RC/HC.