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Sign Out and Sign In

One of the most important expectations at the Academy is that of off-campus sign outs.  While the Academy cannot guarantee knowledge of all students' whereabouts on campus at all times, regulations governing off campus sign outs are designed to give the staff reasonable knowledge of a student's location, and thus a way of reaching that student in case of an emergency.

It is expected that each student follow sign-out guidelines in an honest and thorough manner. During the morning and afternoon hours (7:30am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday), sign out is handled through the Attendance office. After 3:30pm and on weekends, students can sign out with the RC in the office of their Residence Hall. 

Sign-out: All sign-out information is recorded. A Residential Life staff member's permission is needed for sign-outs to destinations off campus.  In addition, the student will need parent permission to sign out for destinations outside the Aurora area. Students do not need parent permission to go on regularly scheduled trips chaperoned by an IMSA staff member. These include trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, mall, restaurants, or local parks/attractions. 

Only parents, legal guardians or other adults listed on the designated permission form on file in Student Life can give a student permission to sign out for an overnight stay. It is highly recommended that the student plan ahead and obtain parent permission in advance. If a student makes last minute plans and is unable to reach his/her contact for permission, the student will not be approved to sign out. Parent permission is not needed for mandatory closings such as extended weekends as long as the student is going home. For other destinations, parent permission is required. Parents must call the Student Life Office or RC Office directly to give permission for off-campus sign-outs.

Sign-In: Any time students have been off campus, they are expected to sign in immediately upon their return to campus. If a student does not sign in immediately after their return, the RC on duty can issue a violation. This allows IMSA staff to account for all students in case of an emergency. If a student returns with a car to pick up other students, the student may only stay a maximum of 15 minutes and must inform the RC on duty. If a student brings a car on campus for an extended period of time without authorization, disciplinary action will be taken.