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Study Hours

Study hours are a way to help sophomore students transition into living and learning in the IMSA community. These hours help students set-aside time to study, as well as help facilitate and further develop their time management skills. Sophomores will have mandatory study hours from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Students must be in their own room or in an area approved by the RC staff member on duty. These areas include the IRC, a faculty office, or a specified room for a study group. Parents are highly discouraged from signing out their student or calling their student during these designated study times. 

If conflicts with other student activities arise, students may rearrange their study hours at the discretion of the RC. However the two hours of study time must to be scheduled to be completed between the hours of 3pm – 10pm on the same day. Students can not complete study hours after 10 check, or move them to a different day. Students can only rearrange the 7:00-8:00pm study hour for IHSA sports practices or co-curricular activities. Only the 8:00-9:00pm study hour can be rearranged for clubs or campus events. 

In order to help sophomores transition to more independent time management skills, sophomores in good academic standing will not be required to complete study hours on I Days after the first quarter of school ends. Sophomores are instead expected to complete homework assignments, attend study sessions, and collaborate with their peers throughout the I Day. After the second semester begins, Sophomore Class Club may request to the Director of Student Life, Assistant Directors, and Area Coordinators for the sophomore class to be released from study hours for their second semester. If granted, sophomore students in good academic standing with parental and RC approval may request request to be released from Study Hours. Signing out of study hours is a privilege, not a right and study hours can be re-implemented at any time at the discretion of parents, the RC, or other IMSA staff members..

Any student experiencing academic difficulties or those having an established pattern of poor time management may be placed on an individualized study contract which could include mandatory study hours to be served in the IRC. All students should carefully plan their day in order to set aside quality study time to complete their work.