Summer@IMSA - Grades 7-8 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Summer@IMSA – Grades 7-8

Oceanography (New!)

What does it take to be a marine scientist? Become an ocean explorer with us during our brand new ocean-themed STEM experience! Students will follow the engineering design cycle as they design, build, submerge, and test their own submarine. They will also perform dissections of multiple marine creatures (including a shark and a squid), learn the science behind (and model) fascinating ocean-phenomena like bioluminescence, and study the ocean’s micro-organisms. If you’re ready – dive in!

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June 10 – 14 Aurora PROGRAM FILLED
June 10 – 14 Edwardsville REGISTRATION CLOSED
June 10 – 14 Normal PROGRAM FILLED
June 24 – 28 Aurora
June 24 – 28 Aurora
(Girls Only)
June 24 – 28 O’Fallon
July 15 – 19 Belleville
July 22 – 26 Aurora PROGRAM FILLED
July 29 – Aug. 2 Springfield

Game Day STEM

How does a diver minimize their splash and maximize their score? How can a vaulting pole bend without snapping? How is sports equipment made to accommodate forces? The underlying STEM principles for the sports you know and love will be explored. Students will build and race a robotic swimmer, re-engineer an archer’s bow, and test cycling gears!  Participants will discover how STEM concepts are applied to a variety of sports, helping athletes maximize their performance.

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June 17 – 21 Aurora
July 8 – 12 Aurora
July 8 – 12 Aurora
(Girls Only)

Vital Signs

Is there a doctor in the house? This program provides budding medical students a general understanding of human anatomy through hands-on explorations of the heart, blood, skin, bones and muscles! Participants will perform a (sheep) hearts dissection, practice suturing, explore the physics of blood flow, and much more. They will also engage in a fun and challenging bioengineering project that will allow them to apply engineering principles and practices to the structure and function of the human body.

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July 15 – 19 Aurora PROGRAM FILLED

Maker 3D Printing (Grades 7-9)

3D Printing is no longer the future. You have probably seen printers at your school or your local library. Maybe you’ve even printed something from the internet before. In this camp, you will learn how to design and 3D print your own objects. You will learn how to 3D model using the CAD software Autodesk Fusion 360 to make anything from model cars, to gloves, to jewelry. CADing is an important skill for both contemporary engineers and artists. It is used to make every product we use today. In this week you will learn the skill you need to prototype your ideas in 3D. But modeling is only half the fun. You’ll also get a chance to 3D print your designs, prototype real engineering challenges, and take your art home. Design and make your own toys. CAD a fidget spinner (or don’t!) 3D scan yourself and give your desk a new companion: you. Spend this summer learning to use the latest technology to transfer your ideas into real-world objects.

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June 10 – 14 Aurora (Application Closed)

Maker Electronics (Grades 7-9)

In this camp, you will receive a fundamental knowledge of electronics and have a pretty fun time doing it. Learn how electricity works. We will cover basic chemistry and physics principals to allow you to understand what you’re doing in a friendly, graspable manner. Learn to make basic circuits and machines. Theory is fine, but testing the knowledge is where the fun is. We’ll build robots and sensor controlled machines from toothbrush bots to small cars. We will use programmable microcontrollers like Arudinos and Raspberry Pis to control our machines and utilize smart technology. Any level of familiarity is welcome, but this camp is targeted at beginners with little to no knowledge of electrical engineering. Make your summer electric with IMSA.

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July 15 – 19 Aurora (Application Closed)

The Young Entrepreneur (Grades 7-9)

Do you have a student who is always generating ideas and thinking about ways to earn money? Forget the paper route and the lemonade stand – we teach students how to turn unique ideas into a business. The Young Entrepreneurs Camp is a fun and exciting introduction to entrepreneurship perfect for students in grades 7-9. The program captures a students curiosity and directs it toward discovering business and entrepreneurship, transforming students into confident young entrepreneurs. This program features real-world entrepreneurial learning, ideation, creating a business model and pitching your idea, all explored through research, teamwork, and imagination.

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June 17 – 21 Batavia (Application Closed)

The Lifecycle of a Startup (Grades 7-9)

Do you have a student with a product or business idea, interested in entrepreneurship? This business boot camp is an action-packed simulation about entrepreneurship. It realistically simulates starting a new business from scratch: developing an idea into a product offering, finding partners, creating a business model, designing marketing plans and media, raising investment from investors and sales. The goal is to end the week by making a profit (on paper). The experience involves teamwork and problem solving to overcome unexpected challenges that occur during the lifecycle of a start-up business and includes a day field trip to 1871, Chicago’s incubator for digital startups.

Note: Lifecycle is selected on the basis of a competitive written application. The application must answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to enroll in an entrepreneurial program?
  2. What abilities do you have that a startup team would find valuable?
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June 24 – 28 Batavia (Application Closed)
July 22 – 26 Batavia (Application Closed)

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