Summer@IMSA - Grades 7-8 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Summer@IMSA – Grades 7-8

Gold Medal STEM

Can’t make it to Tokyo this summer? Come join us in this camp to discover how STEM concepts can be applied applied to a variety of sports and help Olympians medal in their events. How does a diver minimize their splash and maximize their score? How is sports equipment made to accommodate maximal forces? The underlying STEM principles for the sports you know and love will be investigated as participants build and race a robotic swimmer, customize their own bow and arrows, and test cycling gears!

Location Week
Aurora, Metro East, Normal 6/15
Normal 6/22
Metro East 7/6
Aurora 7/13
Metro East 7/20
Springfield 8/3

Vital Signs

Is there a doctor in the house? This popular program is back for Summer 2020 to provide budding medical students a general understanding of human anatomy through hands-on explorations of the heart, blood, skin, bones, and muscles! Participants will perform a (sheep) heart dissection, practice suturing, explore the physics of blood flow, and much more. Participants will apply engineering principles and practices to a fun bioengineering project that explores the structure and function of the human hand.

Location Week
Aurora 6/22
Aurora 7/20


Did you know that some of the smallest things in our universe are also some of the most powerful? From molecules to microscopes, to chemical reactions and circuits, this program will take a hands-on approach to exploring some of the STEM-related underpinnings of many seemingly invisible things around us. How can we make sense of the things we can’t see? What’s behind the flip of a switch? What is life made of? In the course of answering these and other questions, students will design and build instant thermo-chemical packs and even make their own handheld fans!

Location Week
Aurora 7/6
Aurora 7/27

Lifecycle of a Startup

Do you have a student with a product or business idea, interested in entrepreneurship? This business boot camp is an action-packed simulation about entrepreneurship. It realistically simulates starting a new business from scratch: developing an idea into a product offering, finding partners, creating a business model, designing marketing plans and media, raising investment from investors and sales. The goal is to end the week by making a profit (on paper). The experience involves teamwork and problem solving to overcome unexpected challenges that occur during the lifecycle of a start-up business.

Location Week
Aurora/Batavia 6/22
Aurora/Batavia 7/20
Aurora/Batavia 7/27

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