Programs for Grades 8-9 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Programs for Grades 8-9

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering have never worked better together than in this program! Students will learn physiology applications by using engineering to visualize the relationships between structure and function of both the digestive and cardiovascular systems. “Working” models of both systems will be designed, engineered, and built during the course of the week. Students will also have the opportunity to model different pathological conditions in their models such as atherosclerosis and Crohn’s disease, and explain the biophysical and biochemical basis of their creations. Through model-building and testing, dissections, chemistry experiments, and possibly even a laparoscopic surgery simulation, students will come away with a newfound appreciation for these crucial systems. The week will culminate with the students presenting their creations at a showcase for parents.

Offered in Aurora week of 6/22.

Innovation Through the Ages

In this program students will be introduced to pivotal moments in technological and artistic innovation and the physics and science behind them. Students will work in groups to create, imagine, design, and recreate key innovations that moved the Western world from antiquity to modernity. Tools and techniques used by engineers and artists to transform their communities will be utilized as students solve the same problems they faced throughout history. Concepts and projects will include the chemical engineering involved in mummification and early printing; the mechanics of trebuchets and catapults, and the principals of flight and development of the first flying machines.

Offered in Aurora week of 7/13.

Lifecycle of a Startup

Do you have a student with a product or business idea, interested in entrepreneurship? This business boot camp is an action-packed simulation about entrepreneurship. It realistically simulates starting a new business from scratch: developing an idea into a product offering, finding partners, creating a business model, designing marketing plans and media, raising investment from investors and sales. The goal is to end the week by making a profit (on paper). The experience involves teamwork and problem solving to overcome unexpected challenges that occur during the lifecycle of a start-up business.

Offered in Aurora/Batavia week of 6/22, 7/20 and 7/27

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