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Mondays @ IN2


TALENTED sessions are highly interactive, involving participants in developing an idea through all stages of business planning, from ideation to market research to branding, with insights from entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, consultants and outstanding IMSA alumni. Featured speakers have included Sam Yagan (Spark Notes, OKCupid,, ShopRunner), Dane Christianson (X-Cube), Ravi Pilla (StudyCloud), Kevin Wang (tl;, Genevieve Thiers (, Vinesh Kannan and Brendan Batliner (Omnipointment), William Widjaja (Tweetsense), Julia Stamberger (, Sachin Agrawal (, Brian Brandenburg ( and many others. 

Coming in 2018, TALENT hosts the tenth annual Power Pitch contest on March 3. Individuals and teams present their ideas for a business, product or service to potential investors (angels and venture capitalists). Applications open Dec 15 and close Feb 1.

Join us at IMSA for a session. Non-IMSA students may access TALENTED sessions with an annual IN2 membership.


2017-2018 Schedule


Aug 21, 4 - 6 pm  IN2 Open House featuring TALENT's "Discover your BOSI DNA"

Aug 27, 2 - 7 pm  Outside IN2 -- See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Smell the world

Aug 28, 8-9 pm Internship Information Night (IMSA students only)



Sept 11, 8-9 pm  How did you get your idea? Guests: Melanie Griffin-Pugh (DAP) and Dane Christianson (X-Cube)

Sept 18, 8-9 pm  How did your Idea Change? Guests: Vinesh Kannan and Brendan Batliner (Omnipointment) and Ravi Pilla (Study Cloud)

Sept 25, 8-9 pm  How do you Protect your Ideas?  Guests: Steve Wille and Svetlana Sowers (University of Illinois)

Oct 2, 8-9 pm  How do you fund your Ideas?  Guest: Troy Henikoff (MATH Venture Partners)

Oct 16, 8-9 pm  How are you going to market your Idea? Guests: Kelly Page (LiveWhatYouLove) and Darryl Thomas (MWSEQ)

Oct 23, 8-9 pm  How do you create Brand awareness and loyalty? Guest: Brian Brandenburg (Faam)

Oct 30, 8-9 pm  TBA

Nov 6, 8-9 pm  What is your Elevator Pitch? Guest: William Widjaja (Convey)

Nov 13, 8-9 pm  Elevator Pitch Competition

Nov 27, 8-9 pm  The CMO Game (Chief Marketing Officer)  Jackie Comacho-Ruiz (JRR Marketing)

Dec 4, 8-9 pm  Lessons from Shark Tank and Power Pitch Guest: Trisha Prabhu (ReThink)

---  WINTER BREAK  ---

NEW FOR 2018:  Mondays @ IN2 

Time Residential Members External Members
6 to 7 pm Open co-working (Project teams, student leadership teams)
7 to 8 pm

Startup Workshops

Open co-working

Startup Workshops with Mentors
8 to 8:10 pm Guest Mentor 10-minute Spotlight
8:10 to 9 pm Open co-working with Mentors

Jan 22, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Power Pitch Ideas and Applications

Jan 29, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Power Pitch Ideas and Applications, Power Pitch Registration DEADLINE is MIDNIGHT

Feb 5, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Pitch Strategy and Startup Dashboard

Feb 12, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Pitch Decks

Feb 26, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Practice Pitches

Mar 5, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Practice Pitches

Mar 12, 6-9 pm  7 pm Workshop Focus: Practice Pitches

Apr 9, 8-9 pm   7 pm Mini Hack: Over-consumption

Apr 16, 8-9 pm  7 pm What I Wish I Knew before starting my company

May 21, 7-9 pm  IMSA Ideas Award Finals and TALENT Homecoming - all alumni welcome back


Power Pitch Dates:


Mar 17, 9 to Noon, POWER PITCH FINALS

May 16  NEXT LAUNCH FINALS (Indiana)


For further information on the TALENT program, please contact us