Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.




As a teaching and learning "laboratory" IMSA science faculty work to take the advancements and progress they have made at IMSA to teachers and students around the state of Illinois and beyond.


IMSA science faculty members have diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich their work with students. Whether they are from industry or academia, they have an in depth knowledge of and passion for their fields.

Learning Standards

The following IMSA Science Learning Standards describe the understandings that learners develop as students of science at IMSA. These learner expectations are coherent with the Illinois Science Learning Standards and the National Science Education Content Standards (NSES).

Unifying Concepts and Processes

The essence of a scientific mind is to make sense of the universe through collected data, observations, and integrative reasoning. Processes that unify the science program pertain to the development of skills to gather, integrate, and understand information about profound questions as articulated in the subset of Standards of Significant Learning listed below.

Ms. Brooke Schmidt

I am interested in developing proficiency based education in physics for imsa and expanding the program with professional development for interested teachers throughout the I am also an avid swimmer and competed in the swim portion of the wellness triathlon with two of my sophomore our team won the student-staff division.

Ms. Deb Scarano

My main interest is in writing science curriculum which helps students make the transition from academic settings which concentrate on standardized test scores to a setting which promotes critical thinking and problem solving. In the future I would like to advocate for change in accountability measures at the state and national levels. (In other words, to advocate for major changes to NCLB ).


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