Theme 1: November 2023 | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Theme 1: November 2023

The AI Theme team is meeting monthly and making great strides in exploring pathways for AI at IMSA. Members of the team include Tami Armstrong, Britta McKenna, Rich Busby, Jessica Gnutek, Joyce Symoniak, Namrata Pandya, Peter Dong, Patrick Young, Steve Dutcher, Steve Goldblatt, Stephen Stewart, Ashwin Mohan, Chris Kornsey, Eric Rettberg Marta Kaluza, Phadmakar Patankar, and Meg Junk.

The team is working in three areas:
1. Impact of AI on Curriculum

  • Members of the team are infusing AI into curriculum across disciplines, including CS, fine art and Humanities classes
  • Academic Team Coordinators will look to recommend department level AI usage policies as a starting point for experimentation
  • Peer reviewed AI articles by staff/faculty are being gathered to share internally and externally
  • Students and faculty AI work will be shared and celebrated

2. AI Programs & Learning Resources

  • Working with an AI student interest group of 30 students developing simple, moderate and complex AI projects
  • Considering an AI software pilot that provides unlimited access to AI tools funded by an SPM Innovation Grant
  • Developing and delivering AI Bytes Lunch & Learn series for students

3. Requirements for a Center for AI

  • The Center for Artificial Intelligence promotes AI literacy, research, and education, providing lab space for learning/professional development opportunities that equip students, staff and faculty to thrive in a technology-focused future. The Center is designed to be a venue that encourages entry into AI curriculum to solve real-world challenges that advance the human condition regardless of research focus, academic area, or position. It enhances the ability of faculty to do work at the leading edge of AI and empowers an intellectual community that crosses disciplinary boundaries, schools, and beyond into the future of work and life.
  • Planning for two cohorts of 10 students and a handful of staff and faculty visiting the AI Center at Argonne and four Centers for AI at UIC each of the two weeks of Intersession January 8 and January 15. The group will be investigating the physical and technical assets as IMSA and making recommendations for IMSA’s Center for AI. Intersession trips are being coordinated, scheduled, and led by Britta
  • Considering several campus spaces for a temporary Center for AI with a recommendation planned for both a temporary and a permanent space in January after the Intersession visits.
  • Developing a job description, responsibilities, and qualifications for a lead Center for AI position
  • Evaluating current inventory of servers

Ready or not, AI is here. Check out the links on the sidebar menu for educator resources, student research projects, and lunch and learn videos.