Theme 4: November 2023 | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Theme 4: November 2023

Through partnerships with higher education, community colleges, local schools, and STEM organizations throughout the state, IMSA has the potential to cast a broader net, to elevate an IMSA education everywhere, and impact educators and students significantly throughout the state of Illinois, building capacity in each area served. Our desire is to make higher education more accessible to IMSA students and our network of IMSA opportunities.

A team of colleagues are currently working on …..

  • Increased summer research and internship opportunities that may be credit-bearing
  • Analyzing and developing a tool to evaluate the impact of potential partnerships
  • Identifying dual credit course offerings and potential courses offered by external institutions for our course catalog
  • Identifying additional SRELO (PROMISE 2.0) criteria, locations, and programming for the summer 2024
  • Identifying and connecting alumni and alumni parents who work in higher ed in Illinois
  • Promoting non-residential student enrollment in our hybrid, dual enrollment object-oriented programming course offered in the Spring 2024 semester
  • Establishing student outreach programs in another location by involving/training preservice educators as interns
  • Engaging in partnerships that can attract diverse talent to PROMISE and IMSA