Ways to Get Involved - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Ways to Get Involved

Welcome IMSA Alumni! You are among the ranks of over 5,800 alumni and you are an integral part of the IMSA community. IMSA and the IAA are here to help you get and stay connected with fellow alumni and the Academy.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact IMSA’s Development Office at (630) 907-5033 or alumni@imsa.edu.

Connect with Alumni

Interested in meeting fellow alumni or reconnecting with your old classmates?  Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Serve on a reunion planning committee for your class
  • Run for a position to serve on the IMSA Alumni Association cabinet
  • Host or help plan an alumni regional event
  • Assist with alumni fundraising appeals
  • Gather alumni for social or professional events
  • Attend alumni regional events and alumni weekend
  • List the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy as your high school on LinkedIn
  • Join the IMSA Alumni LinkedIn Group
  • Join the IMSA Alumni Facebook group as well as IMSA regional and class Facebook groups
  • Network with Alumni
  • Volunteer for service opportunities Together
  • Travel Together
  • Attend Alumni Awards

Connect with Students and the IMSA Community

Wonder what IMSA students are like these days?  Here are a few ways to get involved and find out:

  • Host students when they are on college visits
  • Host welcome events for incoming students
  • Mentor a student in SIR or host a student Intern
  • Assess student posters and presentations at IMSAloquium (formerly Presentation Day)
  • Be a guest speaker for classes or special events
  • Help with student life activities and trips
  • Serve on the Admission Review Committee
  • Lead an Intersession course
  • Serve as an alumni mentor/contact
  • Participate in a College and Career Forum
  • Serve on a discussion panel for department initiatives
  • Assist with Student Career Exploration initiatives
  • Serve as a speaker or guest lecturer
  • Help the IAA welcome seniors as alumni
  • Recruit new students
  • Share your entrepreneurial skills with the TALENT program
  • Network with members of the IMSA Community (Students, Staff, & Faculty)
  • Give a presentation
  • Share your lived experience and expertise with students
  • Help us develop our curriculum
  • Become an IMSA Brand Ambassador
  • Serve as a Job Shadow Host for students
  • Present at our career fair
  • Attend Athletic Events

Connect on LinkedIn

Are you connected with us on LinkedIn?

Add IMSA to your LinkedIn profile to get connected with fellow alumni.  Select the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy as your school under “Education” and explore the alumni network on IMSA’s school page.

The IMSA Alumni Association is expanding our footprint on LinkedIn to help alumni connect at a professional level. We have created targeted industry sub-groups where people can share directed conversations as well as relevant job opportunities. In the near future you’ll see an expansion of career/professional discussions geared towards IMSA Alumni in all phases of their post-IMSA years. Join the IAA on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3273