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The mission of the PAC Academic Committee is to facilitate communication and involvement between IMSA parents and the Administration, Faculty and staff on academic matters. We work with students, parents, faculty, and residential staff, to help make your student’s time at IMSA rewarding, educational, and productive.

The duties of the Academic committee are to:

  • Maintain parent involvement as IMSA establishes appropriate curriculum (course selection, variety, and levels of instruction) for students.
  • Provide information and input on parental concerns to the administration and/or faculty within the general area of academics at IMSA.

    Academic Committee: Facts

  • The Academic Committee meets monthly on the day of the PAC General Meeting.
  • Meetings are often scheduled with multiple topics to provide parents with more information about academic programs.
  • All parents are invited to attend these meetings.

Academic Committee: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Academic Committee do? A: The Academic committee helps to inform parents of IMSA academic programs by holding regular informational meetings with IMSA faculty members.
Q: Who can I contact with questions about IMSA academic programs? A: If your student is thinking about enrolling at IMSA, you will find much useful information at Learning @ IMSA. If your student is already enrolled at IMSA, you can start by asking appropriate faculty members.
Q: How can I give input into IMSA's academic programs and plans? A: All ideas are welcomed and considered. The academic committee meetings are a great forum to share thoughts with other parents. The academic committee chairperson can give you pointers on others forums for sharing general thoughts. You should contact appropriate faculty members with inputs about specific programs.