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Alumni FAQ

What does/doesn't my official IMSA transcript contain?

Your transcript contains your name, date of entry, date of exit/graduation, semester grades and credit earned for all courses taken at the Academy.  It also contains information on mentorship and inquiry projects if applicable.

It does not contain previous school information, standardized test scores, or information about classes taken outside of the Academy.

How can I order a transcript?

As an IMSA alumnus, only you may order your transcript by using the Request form on the Registrar webpage or by submitting a request in writing, with signature release to the Registrar. The request for transcript should include:

  • Your current name and name under which you were enrolled (if different from current name), address, phone, and email address. This will be used to contact you should there be a problem in producing the documents you have requested. Email addresses will be used to confirm the mailing of the document;
  • Number of transcripts needed;
  • Complete address of where transcript is to be sent (i.e. name of person, department, organization, street and building address, city, state, zip code); and
  • Any additional services requested (express mailing) at additional charges.

How long will it take to process a request?

Transcript requests are usually processed and mailed within two school days. 

I'm in a real hurry. Can you take my request over the phone or can I email a request to you?

Federal guidelines require a signature release; therefore, phone and email are not appropriate mediums for transcript requests. You may fax or scan/email the request as long as it contains a signature release authorizing the transcript request.

How can I reach someone in the Registrar/Academic Records Office?

Office hours are year round, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-4:30PM CST with the exceptions of holidays. The direct phone line is (630) 907-5066; the 24 hour direct fax is (630) 907-5922. The email address for current registrar is

How can I get copies of my standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, AP)?

Test scores are not part of the IMSA transcript. However, if you had test scores reported to us, we probably have them on file.  You may request unofficial test scores using the Request form on the Registrar webpage.  There is a $5 charge for all unofficial test scores.

How can I get copies of my home school academic information?

You will need to contact your home school directly to see what their policies are for requesting a home school transcript. IMSA transcript does not report home school information on its official IMSA transcript.

How can I get copies of my immunization records/health records?

We suggest that you first contact your medical provider/health clinic. If they cannot provide what you need, you can use the Request form on the Registrar webpage to make your request.  There is a $25 charge for archive retrieval, copying, and mailing of student health records.

What is a "profile"?

A profile is a special folder developed and customized for each individual graduating class. It contains general information about the mission of IMSA, courses, graduation requirements, standardized testing and grade distributions for the graduating class during its junior year. If in stock, these can be ordered for $3 each using the Request form on the Registrar webpage. 

What does my permanent record contain?

  • Official transcripts;
  • Test scores of college entrance examinations; and
  • Health records

How long do you keep my permanent record?

Current Illinois law requires that we keep the documents for sixty (60) years.