Counseling Services

Student Support

Students who are talented and gifted in math and science are unique individuals who bring a variety of attributes and personal characteristics to the academic environment at IMSA. We recognize and support the notion that talented and gifted students are a special population whose needs and desires are different from that of the general population of high school students. To this end, the focus of the counselors is to address the psychological and social needs of our students within the context of research and experience from the field of gifted education. We are committed to the students’ personal, social, and intellectual growth, as well as their adjustment to and engagement with the IMSA community. Students are assisted with identifying and working through personal barriers, normal developmental issues, and stressors, and clinical problems which could impede academic success.

Our on-site counselor is Kevin Kusy ( He is here Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Counseling services are located in the Student Life Office and appointments can be made with the counselors by emailing them. We believe that the strength of the individual student resides in the celebration of communal diversity, a realistic understanding of the self, and the ability to develop emotional resilience. Any counseling effort strives to identify and meet the needs of the “whole person” in the construction of programs and in the delivery of services.