Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) at IMSA

Problem-based learning is a student-centered, inquiry-based instructional approach utilizing a real-world, ill-defined (messy) problem to both introduce and explore specific content. PBL institutes are designed for educators of all disciplines and introduce participants to an instructional technique that is designed to engage their students in deep, meaningful learning. PBL is rooted in real-world experiences, therefore, we highlight the how-to for designing and successfully implementing original PBL units unique to your classroom.
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Summer Professional Learning Experience

Immerse yourself in a three-day, hands-on learning experience in person at IMSA. You will have the opportunity to learn all the fundamentals of PBL and then apply that understanding to your own unique lesson plan, maximizing your implementation of Problem-Based teaching.
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Date: June 20 – 22, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm | CPDUs: 18 credits
  • Day 1: Fundamentals – Define the technique, recognize important characteristics, and identify problems they can use to teach specific classroom content.
  • Day 2: Details in Design – Explores design elements involved in creating a unique Problem-Based Learning unit for the classroom then apply the design elements to create your own PBL unit.
  • Day 3: Applications in the Classroom – Focuses on techniques to prepare the teacher and their students for the successful implementation of a Problem-Based Learning unit.


Online, Asynchronous Learning Experiences

The online format of PBL makes allows you to learn at your own pace, anywhere.
Our PBL specialist will be available to support your progress and answer questions. Each session will provide approximately three hours of content and assignments, depending on the participants’ pace. Upon completion, you will receive 3 CPDU credits. Participants have one month to complete a session.

Additional Recourses

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