Experiential Learning Through Intersession

Intersession is a learning opportunity offered to IMSA students between the first and second semesters. Sessions are taught by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and outside guests. Session topics include math, science, cultural studies, hobbies, life skills, and fine arts. Intersession allows students to explore areas of interest outside of the curriculum. Registration and assignments will take place before the end of the 1st semester. Students will receive an email alerting them to the registration process.

Intersession 2025

On-site, Local, and Virtual Program Dates: January 6 – 17, 2025

Purpose of Intersession

  • to address a burning question, interest, or idea.
  • for students to explore concepts in different ways and relationships.
  • for non-teaching staff to engage with students in these activities.
  • for intensive study, with limited distractions from other classes learning.
  • to connect to previous and future learning experiences such as classes or inquiry.

Values of Intersession

  • Community-building by involving many staff, all students, parents, and/or partners
  • Advancing integrative ways of knowing; active student engagement; L.E.D.s and constructivist learning activities; focus on one or more SSLs with identified outcomes
  • Connecting adults and students in innovative ways
  • Opportunities to use the laboratory setting in creative, unique ways, pilot test new ideas for the future (innovative teaching, research, and service)
  • Opportunities to learn for individual students and staff as well as the community
  • Self-reflection and sharing (adults and students)
  • Flexibility in designing options, open to many possibilities
  • Being responsible/accountable for the health, safety, and well-being of all students and staff
  • Participatory decision-making

Attendance is mandatory. Students missing any portion of Intersession for reasons other than medical will receive an unsatisfactory.