Facilities Rental

Rental Request

Groups desiring to use IMSA facilities shall make a written and/or email request directed to the Facilities Coordinator.

All written requests must provide the following information:

  1. A statement of the educational, recreational, business, civic, social and/or charitable purpose of the event to be hosted at the IMSA facility.
  2. Assurance that the requesting group will conduct activities that comply with all other criteria set forth above.
  3. A detailed statement regarding supervision to be provided for the event, whether by means of professional security or self-regulation by the group. IMSA reserves the right to provide and/or require IMSA security officers as a resource of meeting this requirement.
  4. All other information as requested by the Facilities Coordinator which may be necessary to evaluate the request.

If the request is approved, the requesting group must enter into a written rental agreement with the Academy in accordance with the requirements of this policy and provide an insurance rider for the rental event.​ ​Denials of requests are final, and IMSA reserves the sole right to deny any request.

Facility SpaceBase RentalCost/Added Hour
Conference Room$340$85
IN2 Commons$681$170
IN2 Design Studio$227$57
IN2 Learning Lab$454$113
IN2 Maker Space$454$113
Lecture Hall$340$85
Multi-Purpose (Ac Pit)$340$85
Soccer Field$340$85
Parking Lot$340$85
Baseball Field$113$85

Note: 4-hour base rental required.

Pool: *2-hour minimum.

Facility rental rates are to be reviewed, revised, and approved by the IMSA Business Office annually, per IMSA’s Public Use of Facilities policy,