Explore, Learn and Impact the World.

IMSA fosters the discoverers. The thinkers. The problem solvers of the future. Our diverse, residential Academy of 652 students grades 10-12 promotes curiosity and exploration. We’re about more than great college prospects and jobs, we’re about making our families proud. We’re about a better world for everyone through amazing learning experiences.

In 2017, the Academy adopted the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a call to action that commissions IMSA to make the right choices now to improve life for all, in a sustainable way, for our future generations.

Live and Grow.

IMSA is a place to fit in and branch out. You’ll stay on campus in our residence halls where living and learning meet. You’ll make new friends, encounter new ideas and have the opportunity to explore 75 clubs, organizations and athletic programs. With the help of our resident counselors, you’ll develop independence and responsibility in and out of the classroom. Plus, you’ll be in a safe, nurturing environment with a comprehensive safety and security program and a 24-hour security center.

Celebrate Who You Are.

When you live alongside others from different backgrounds, you create lifelong friendships. You appreciate other cultures and you celebrate your own. IMSA creates an inclusive community of global citizens through a commitment to equity and excellence. At IMSA, all students have the opportunity to realize their full potential. You’ll keep connecting, you’ll keep growing and you’ll make a difference.

IMSA recognizes and acknowledges the historical underrepresentation and marginalization of culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse groups, both universally, and particularly, in STEM education and professions. We are committed to advancing equity in STEM education and representation and creating a diverse, inclusive community of global citizens who can realize their full potential, and execute our mission to advance the human condition, through a model of Equity and Excellence. While at IMSA, students are asked to embrace the diversity of people and perspectives, be open to inclusivity, be willing to develop their cultural competence, and learn through an equity-minded frame.

Look How Far You Can Go.

At IMSA, you’ll be challenged with a rigorous curriculum, innovative learning methods with close access to teachers and institutional partners outside the classroom. You’ll leave equipped to realize your full potential.

Are You Ready to Discover Who You Can Be?