Clubs and Organizations

The clubs and organizations listed are student supported. Each club or organization must have an adult sponsor. Clubs may elect to be chartered through the Student Council. Other organizations are sponsored by individual departments or programs. If you would like more information about a particular club or organization, please email the advisor or student contact person. For all other questions, please contact us in Student Affairs at 630.907.5009.

Civic Engagement

Leader(s): Vedanti Joshi

Advisor(s): Tracy Townsend

Amnesty International is a global organization with the mission of fighting against injustice and demanding human rights for all people. As a club at IMSA, we host events including general admission conversations and activism opportunities for IMSA students to raise awareness of global issues and use the resources available to advocate for injustice. We also aim to collaborate with various clubs across campus to explore how specific fields, like technology and science, can be used to further human rights. To be a general member in Amnesty an IMSA student just has to attend one event a semester either participating in a GA or activism/volunteer opportunity to be a part of our club.

Leader(s): Ryan Li & Danica Sun

Advisor(s): Jessica Amacher, Angela Ahrendt, and Shawn Bailey

Club Terra is IMSA’s sustainability club. We focus on educating our communities on how to lead more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles and providing opportunities for them to do so. Through informative General Assemblies, engaging events/initiatives, and community outreach, we hope to make the internal and external IMSA community fully comprehend how important the environment is and be more conscious of it as a whole.

Leader(s): Eddie Gutierrez, Alea Ritchie, and Haley Shah

Advisor(s): Nia Flowers & Luis Villafuerte

Exodus is a tutoring organization that works with underrepresented elementary and middle school students in various subjects through the Quest Program. Exodus tutors not only facilitate the students’ academic growth, but also help to develop their social skills and overall character. We are dedicated to helping these students in any way we can and in turn, learning about new perspectives in the world we live in. Our goal is to eliminate the large educational divide in our society today one student at a time.


Leader(s): Jerrick Li & Raphael Talusan

Advisor(s): Karen Gholson

IMSA’s Asian American Culture Club is known as ASIA - or Asian Students in America. ASIA strives to address the underrepresentation of Asians within America and the IMSA community. Our mission is to provide a community as well as spread appreciation to those who are interested in knowing more about our culture.

Leader(s): Chinara Caldwell

Advisor(s): Simone Alexander

BSU’s mission is to address the needs and concerns of the black students at IMSA. We strive to empower and teach the black experience to the IMSA community. Next year we plan to continue to discuss and speak about injustices in the black community and, of course, have our principal events like Harambee and Soul of the Motherland!

Leader(s): Laasya Nagumalli & Melinda Yuan

Advisor(s): Erin Micklo & Mary Zuidema

Gender Equity Association (GEA) seeks to educate IMSA on various topics relating to feminism and create an inclusive environment on campus for those of all gender identities. We do this by holding regular GAs with a focus on topics such as fashion and makeup or gender in social media, hosting community events, such as feminism reading group meetings, supporting the work of our project groups, and working on our various media projects, such as Voices of GEA or the Spread the Word podcast. Our larger initiatives include Tales from the Homefront, Period Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Week, Body Positivity Week, and the Ambassador Program where we spread gender education to younger students. All members of the IMSA community are welcome and encouraged to attend our events to learn about these critical issues.

Leader(s): David Biruduganti & Joshua Solone

Advisor(s): Peter Dong

IMSA Christians’ mission is to share the Word of God with Christians and non-Christians in the hopes of applying it to their own lives. We conduct weekly Bible study meetings where a core group of our members take part in analyzing, discussing, and meditating upon Scripture. We have educational events to inform students more about the Christian faith and background while also having fun events such as GAs, worship sessions, and Bible studies to celebrate various happenings in the life of Jesus and God’s love. We also do service events to show other communities God’s love and what it means to be selfless loving people.

Leader(s): Aadi Desai & Srihari Gurugubelli

Advisor(s): Alyssa Gehrke

IMSA’s Indian Student Association (ISA) provides an opportunity for IMSA students to interact and share the joy of Indian culture and heritage. ISA serves to promote the awareness and importance of cultural diversity and connectivity in the IMSA community by organizing memorable, enjoyable, and educational cultural and social events on campus. We aspire to build a knowledgeable, respectful and engaged IMSA community that understands Indian heritages and acknowledges the uniqueness of Indian Americans.

Leader(s): Raven McKelvin & Keyan Dunmore

Advisor(s): Erin Micklo

Learning and Developmental Disabilities Matter (L&D Matter) works to actively champion disability equity and spark stigma-breaking conversations. L&D Matter operates in two dimensions: an Ambassador Program and a Buddy Program. The Ambassador Program works to create educational content concerning disabilities and host various events at IMSA and outside of it. The Buddy Program meets weekly to offer tutoring to students with disabilities across the state!

Leader(s): Sufiya Hussaini & Faizaan Shaikh

Advisor(s): Manuel Donelson

Muslim Student Association is a cultural club that strives to defeat stereotypes against Muslim and Middle Eastern students on a local and community-wide level. We help educate the IMSA community by spreading the positive aspects, celebrations, and traditions of Islamic and Middle Eastern culture. We also help grow and connect the Muslim and Middle Eastern communities at IMSA to ensure that students can feel at home while staying on campus.

Leader(s): Yanel Gonzalez

Advisor(s): John Thurmond

SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science) is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from high school students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM. Our programs and events train and support the next generation of diverse STEM talent.

Leader(s): Brandon Rogers & Jesrein Ayeyi

Advisor(s): Angela Richardson

The Society of Black Student Scientists and Entrepreneurs is a student-run organization whose sole purpose is supporting African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and African student scientists and entrepreneurs. For many aspiring black students, institutional barriers prevent them from experiencing the wider worlds of both STEM and business. Tutoring services, informational GAs, and networking/research fairs are all part of our methodology as an organization. In the end, the mission of SBSSE is to ensure black students are active participants in both the scientific and business communities and are equipped with skills that will help them excel throughout life.

Leader(s): Laasya Nagumalli & Dash Leigh

Advisor(s): Claire Thomas

Spectrum is IMSA’s LGBTQIA+ culture club, meant to build, protect, inform, and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community at IMSA. Our goal is to provide a space for people to understand themselves, feel included, and learn.

Leader(s): Ryan Li & Jaden Willis

Advisor(s): Kylie Marsden

The Student Coalition for Racial Justice is a volunteer-run and led organization hoping to advance racial justice in Illinois by advocating for prison reform, social justice, diverse curricula at IMSA, immigration reform, juvenile justice, and more. Formerly GLP@IMSA, the branch works on various fronts to advocate for minority stakeholders and take direct action against racial injustice.

* Run by Peer Multicultural Educators (PME)


Leader(s): Diya Kamath & Victoria Nalepka

Advisor(s): Anne Kwiatkowski

French club is an organization that brings together people who are interested in French language, culture, and traditions. The club provides a platform for members to improve their language skills, learn more about Francophone customs and history, and connect with other like-minded individuals. French club typically organizes a range of activities, cultural events, movie nights, and food related events.

Leader(s): Blessita Charly, Carissa Chen, Nishna Aerbati, Aria Brave, Alea Ritchie, and Rhea Shah

Advisor(s): Brooke Schmidt

Girls Who Code seeks to encourage more girls and non-binary individuals to explore their interests in computer science through interactive meetings and events. We provide assistance and resources for developing skills in commonly used coding languages and provide opportunities for members to apply these skills to larger-scale projects.

Leader(s): Pranet Swain & Pranav Pabisetty

Advisor(s): Patrick Kearney & Joyce Symoniak

Our club’s mission is to provide IMSA students with a forum to develop their knowledge of more technical topics in finance and economics in order to be better prepared for the hurdles of the modern economy. We do so by holding educational events with guest speakers and hosting AP Economics study sessions that are paired with intellectual conversations on the economy. In addition, we host educational finance and economics-related events that prepare students for national contests such as the National Economics Challenge, the National Personal Finance Challenge, and Business Professionals of America.

Leader(s): Anala Thakkar & Aashima Sisodia

Advisor(s): Anastasia Perry

IMSAlympians provides students with resources and preparation for national STEM competitions, such as MIT Battlecode, USABO, USNCO, and USAPhO. Our club aims to foster an appreciation for STEM topics that are relevant to us both today and in the future through challenging academic competitions and discussions about science current events. Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet on the cutting edge of science or dead set to be the next to represent our country in an olympiad, this is the club for you!

Leader(s): Brooke Hilderbrant & Zuyu Liu

Advisor(s): Amy Keck

Medical Society is a community of students passionate about pursuing careers in the medical field. Through guest lectures (Med from the Masters), workshops, and mentorship opportunities, we aim to equip our members with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. The road towards being a medical professional is not an easy one, and our events mainly serve to help educate our peers about the challenges, as well as spark their interest in medicine. Members should attend at least one Med Society event per semester, and they have the opportunity to organize events based on their own passions by working with Medical Society board and forming independent project teams. Our club is a welcoming and supportive community for anyone interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Leader(s): Anisha Kolambe, Kohl Vonder Haar, and Ellen Guan


Hadron is IMSA’s scientific writing community that publishes monthly science periodicals and online articles on various STEM topics ranging from mathematics, technology, physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and more. It aims to spread knowledge of various scientific fields and to educate the IMSA community and the general public about the art of scientific writing by hosting various events such as faculty-led discussions, guest speakers, research conversations, and other fun events.

Leader(s): Alea Ritchie & Colin Ward

Advisor(s): Grant Bell

ISE serves to educate and ignite IMSA students’ passion for engineering and project building, allowing them to delve deeper into engineering aspects as someone with engineering experience, or to explore the field as a newcomer. ISE provides more than just information, but the unique experience that working with an engineering team provides.

Leader(s): Arjun Cherukuri & Vignesh Tiruvannamalai

Advisor(s): Angie Shoener

HOSA- Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, is a national career and technical student organization that aims to develop future leaders for the healthcare industry. This organization provides opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities through competitive events, community service, and networking opportunities. HOSA is open to high school students who are interested in pursuing careers in health care and competes at the local, state, and international national levels.

National Organization

Leader(s): Blessita Charly and Yoanna Georgieva

Advisor(s): Joyce Symoniak

Key Club is an international high school service program for high school students. Key Club does volunteer work with various community organizations to help serve the IMSA and neighboring communities and welcomes students who are interested in service work to create change. Key Club provides active leadership opportunities for students and allows them to earn service hours through helping others.

Leader(s): Nethra Shanbhag

Advisor(s): Mary Zuidema, Marta Kaluza

La Plaza de Callao is IMSA’s chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society and aims for members to develop an appreciation for the Spanish language and acquire fluency. Immersing oneself and service are important principles of LPDC, where students have the freedom to explore different aspects of the historic language through volunteer opportunities and self-guided projects.

Leader(s): Shivani Chirumamilla & Diya Kamath

Advisor(s): Mitzi Morales

Red Cross Club is a student-run organization connected to the American Red Cross. The club's main priorities include blood donation drives, disaster relief efforts, and community service. Members of the Red Cross Club plan and take part in activities and events that advance altruism, emergency preparedness, and a sense of health and safety.

Leader(s): Cara Jacob & Sreevardhan Atyam

Advisor(s): Marta Kaluza

Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) at IMSA engages students to educate and mobilize their peers on issues affecting children both in the United States and across the world such as expanding early childhood education and protecting children in conflict zones. This is done through hosting petitioning events and meeting with elected officials, as well as organizing informational events and discussions. SCAN allows students to develop and use their voices to make a difference in our world.

Leader(s): Maitreyi Pandey & Annabelle Zhang

Advisor(s): Nicole Ross

IMSA’s chapter of the International Youth Neuroscience Association (IYNA) strives to spread our passion for neuroscience across campus. We teach students about neuroscience through member-organized GAs, interdisciplinary collaborations with other clubs, study sessions for the International Brain Bee, research opportunities, and the Synapse Fair. Our members can also give back to the community through our fundraisers for neuroscience nonprofits and various volunteer opportunities to encourage interest in this field. 

Leader(s): Maddie McTaggart & Raghav Sinha

Advisor(s): Tracy Townsend

IMSA Mock Trial aims to provide students with a better understanding of trial advocacy and the American legal system through the enactments of courtroom cases and the development of critical thinking, questioning, and oratory skills. IMSA Mock Trial offers a multitude of thrilling learning opportunities, including participation in intra-school scrimmages or local and state competitions catering not only to those interested in pursuing law-based careers but also to those simply looking to grow their skills.

Leader(s): Ryan Li & Shivani Chirumamilla

Advisor(s): Karen Gholson

Relay for Life at IMSA is a charter of the official Relay for Life organization, which fundraises on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Our mission is to hold fundraisers with the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those currently battling cancer are supported, and that one day, cancer will be eliminated. We hold various fundraising events throughout the year that encourage campus unity and raise awareness for cancer.

Special Interest

Leader(s): Natalia Morales

Advisor(s): Kylea Perkins

Crochet Club offers the IMSA community the chance to engage in a stress-relieving and fun activity in a structured setting. Many of our projects are service-based with the goal of helping others. We host various project-based events and biweekly open sessions to teach and create crochet projects.

Leader(s): Andre Mendez & Alexian Heynez

Advisor(s): Luis Villafuerte

Culinary Club works to teach students basic cooking skills along with how to make delicious and nutritious dishes at IMSA. We strive to have interactive and educational events for those at any level of culinary expertise. Most importantly, we want to expose students to recipes and methods from around the world while also helping them dabble in and enjoy the culinary arts at IMSA.

Leader(s): Laura Cervantes

Advisor(s): Kylea Perkins

The IMSA Film Society is a group of IMSA students who seek to explore the various aspects of the art of filmmaking. We host multiple showings, each month, of different student-picked films and analyze them after viewing. We also host different workshops and competitions for various aspects of filmmaking.

Leader(s): Donovan Morrow & Kaylee Hwang

Advisor(s): Claire Thomas & Joyce Symoniak

Haute Seat is a student-run fashion magazine club that showcases general and theme-based fashion content inside and outside the IMSA community. This club is a platform for IMSA students to express their creativity, explore their passions, and collaborate on a variety of projects. Each new edition will be entirely produced by IMSA students, and any student is welcome to contribute in several creative roles including models, photographers, writers, and graphic designers. Join us in celebrating fashion as we bring unique perspectives and creative visions to life in every issue of Haute Seat.

Leader(s): Amanda Barajas & Mesoma Akupookwe

Advisor(s): Joyce Symoniak

Heliotrope aims to raise awareness and stimulate interest in the fine arts at IMSA by hosting educational and hands-on events about the arts and creating an inclusive atmosphere for artistic exploration on campus. Everyone is welcome to attend Heliotrope’s workshops and events!

Leader(s): Colin Ward

Advisor(s): Joe Dedic

IFC aims to educate and entertain IMSA students with an interest in fishing. IFC is open to all students regardless of skill level, even if it would be their first experience with fishing. The staple event of IFC is outings, in which a group of students travel to a local fishery for several hours of practical fishing experience. Throughout the year, IFC hosts a series of educational workshops designed to teach beginners how to fish or to introduce experienced anglers to new techniques.

Leader(s): Michael Zyskowski & Marcus Kubon

Advisor(s): Janice Krouse

Jazz Ensemble is IMSA’s instrumental jazz orchestra that focuses on bringing jazz music to life and spreading it around campus. We aim to provide an outlet for students to explore playing and learning about jazz music, playing live music at various events throughout the year. Moreover, we aim to educate the IMSA community about the cultural significance and historical relevance of jazz music in the music industry and beyond.

Leader(s): Garrett Snedden & David Biruduganti


The IMSA Society of Musical Performers (ISOMP) is dedicated to increasing the love of all music around campus. We reach out to IMSA musicians and encourage them to share their gifts through our songwriting, studio, and chamber programs, as well as our several concerts throughout the year. ISoMP emphasizes collaboration and constructive feedback in a group environment.

Leader(s): Faizaan Shaikh

Advisor(s): Elaine Wu

The Table Tennis Club aims to bring together students with the love of table tennis together, regardless of their skill level. We host tournaments, training sessions, and practices, thus giving anyone the chance to play. We also have a varsity and a junior varsity team that plays competitively against other schools outside of IMSA and in tournaments.

Leader(s): Winston Mattson, Byrd Gilissen, and Nadini Budithi

Advisor(s): Mary Zuidema

Ludicrous Mockers and Antics Organization is here to get you cracking jokes and rolling on the floor! Anyone can come and laugh the stress away as we hold events and practices for the quarterly comedy shows. No experience is needed! Come and hang out with us whenever we hold events or email Byrd, Winston, or Nandini with any questions!

Leader(s): Johanna Germo

Advisor(s): Madeline Johnson

Mod21 is IMSA’s only exclusive student-run a cappella group. We perform for IMSA’s culture shows the ICHSA competition, school-run choir concerts, and several other extracurricular and holiday performances. Since Mod21 is completely student-run, the board members of the group fully arrange and teach the songs and music to the other members of the A Cappella group. Mod21 aims to spread appreciation of the art of a cappella performance on the IMSA campus, as well as in the overall singing community.

Leader(s): Marcus Kubon & Amanda Barjas

Advisor(s): Mary Zuidema

Philosophy Club is a recreational club centered around philosophy, ethics, and morals. Throughout the school year, the Philosophy Club will host discussions, fun events, and a speaker series. The speaker series will feature IMSA alumni, IMSA staff, and outside professionals to talk about the relationship between their careers and philosophy.

Leader(s): Sarah Ramos & Laasya Nagumalli

Advisor(s): Madeline Johnson

Poets’ Society provides a forum for students to discuss and conduct in-depth analysis of all aspects of poetry. In Poets’ Society, you will learn how to write, understand, and interpret poems, as well as proper body language and procedure in poetry performance and other tips regarding poetry. This is a safe space, and anyone with even a hint of intrigue toward the art of poetry is welcome and encouraged to join!

Leader(s): Maggie DiMarco & Laasya Nagumalli

Advisor(s): Alexis Pratt & Emily Cotto

IMSA’s Psychology Club brings awareness to and provides education on topics in psychology. Engage with us throughout the year in our captivating Career Conversations, engaging AP Psych Study Sessions, informational Community Events, and through our riveting YouTube Channel

Leader(s): Annabelle Zhang & Manasa Balasubramanian

Advisor(s): Jacqueline Salinas

National Science Bowl is a highly competitive science education and academic event among teams of high school and middle school students who compete in a fast-paced verbal forum to solve technical problems and answer questions in all branches of science and math. Each team is composed of four students, one alternate student, and a coach. Regional and national events encourage student involvement in math and science activities of importance to the Department of Energy and the Nation.

Leader(s): Aleks Duda

Advisor(s): Nia Flowers

SDAC (Spreading Dance Across Campus) is the recreational dance club at IMSA. We provide opportunities for students to take part in dance workshops, just dance, culture show performances, and World of SDAC, our own version of World of Dance. Our goal is to provide a fun and supportive community for people who love to dance, or people who have never danced before and want to give it a try!

Leader(s): Eve Cunneen

Advisor(s): Angie Shoener

Galaxies! Planets! Rocket Ships! Titan Astronomical Society is your one-stop shop for all things space and astronomy. We hold a multitude of events each year (such as planetarium visits, speaking events, and even camping trips!) educating and encouraging others to discover the universe! If you like space even a little bit, we’re the place for you!

Leader(s): Deepanjali Samal & Rachel Qi

Advisor(s): Tracy Townsend

Writer’s Block is dedicated to creating a community of aspiring fiction authors who are passionate about storytelling. Our club strives to provide members with a supportive and inclusive environment where they can develop the writing skills necessary to pursue publication, produce original fiction works, and promote self-expression. As a community, we seek to support one another in accomplishing our individual goals through peer feedback and critique.


Advisor(s): MaryBeth McCarthy


Other Student Leadership Programs On Campus


Advisor: Chloe Mastrocola
Description: A group that organizes campus-wide activities.


Advisor: Bill McGrail
Description: Students interested in digital photography and video editing. 

COUNCIL FOR CAMPUS EQUITY (CCE) (formerly Peer Multicultural Educators- PME)

Advisor: Rodrigo Sanchez
Description: Council of all multicultural groups on campus.


Advisor: Simone Alexander
Description: Students who lead tours, and help Admissions with Preview and EIP days.


Advisor: Tami Armstrong
Description: To build and sustain positive relationships between our students and our invaluable external constituents: legislators, alumni, and donors.