Apply to IMSA!

We look forward to working with you throughout your application process! The application deadline for the 2023-2024 School Year is February 8, 2023.

IMSA is accepting a small group of non-Illinois students for paid enrollment. The application process is the same for Illinois and non-Illinois students. You can apply online in the admission portal by following the steps below.

You can find more information about our Admissions Process in our official Admissions Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

Check that you meet all Eligibility Requirements.

8th-grade applicants must also be enrolled in at least Algebra 1 and a high school-level science course at the time of application. If their school does not offer these courses, they will need to find supplementary courses through an accredited institution to meet this requirement.

To begin the application process, access the admission application online by clicking here.

The IMSA application has no application fee. The application consists of the following:

  • Demographic and School Information
  • Three Essays
  • List of STEM Activities and Achievements
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • School Counselor Form
  • Last 2.5 years of Official Grade Reports
  • Official SAT Test Scores

The “Optional Statement” can be utilized to provide additional clarity on any part of the application or include information that you feel would be important for you or your child’s success at IMSA.

Register for the SAT (SAT registration is completed through Students should take the standard SAT, Math, and Evidenced-Based Reading & Writing sections without essay. When registering, please use IMSA’s SAT school code #3027 to ensure that we receive a copy of your test results.

* For students who have not completed the SAT, there is one available date (March 11th) that IMSA will accept. Students taking the March 11th SAT will need to have their scores rushed to IMSA in order to be considered in Selection which takes place on April 3rd. 

Applicants are required to submit 3 Teacher Evaluations from the following subjects:

  • Math Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • English Teacher
Teacher Evaluations should be completed by current teachers. IMSA recommends notifying your teacher before sending an evaluation request, so teachers are prepared to complete the evaluation. Once you have started your online application, you can request teacher evaluations through SchoolRecs using the same login credentials of your application portal. In SchoolRecs, you will see a list of evaluation forms to choose from in order to submit your recommendation requests where you will enter teacher emails and contact information, so they can receive the evaluation form.
There is also an opportunity to provide two optional pieces of information. The “Optional Evaluation” can be submitted by a teacher or adult who can speak to a student’s ability to succeed at IMSA, as well as their interest/ability in the areas of STEM."

Send the Counselor Form to the current counselor (or school administrator who oversees transcript requests). Once you have started your online application, you can request the Counselor Form through SchoolRecs by using the same login credentials of your application portal. In SchoolRecs, you will see a list of evaluation forms, including the counselor form. Once selected, you can enter the counselor's email, so they can receive the evaluation form and submit transcripts. It's important to note that counselors will need to upload official transcripts from the last 2.5 years and instructions on how to upload official transcripts are provided to them after they complete the evaluation form.

Before February, connect with the Office of Admissions to ensure all your application materials have been received. You can contact the Office of Admissions by email at or by phone 630.907.5028

Learn more about IMSA’s exceptional learning experiences,  residential program, and admissions process. All admission events are posted on our Visit IMSA page. Please be sure to register for our events as spaces do fill up quickly. Event registrations are opened the month prior to the event and close two days before the event date. To get notified of our events, sign up for our Admissions Newsletter!

October 1st : Application Opens

October - February: Complete Application Materials

January: Follow Up with Admissions

February 8th: Application Closes

April 3rd: Selection

May 1st: Decisions are posted in students' application portals.

May 8th: Student Responses Due

To view the full list of enrollment dates and deadlines, click here.