Summer is a time to thrive!

IMSA will host an array of STEM-based programs in Summer 2024.

The curricula for these programs are created by IMSA Curriculum Specialists and are aligned with NGSS science and engineering standards and practices. Programs are taught by our Curriculum Specialists, IMSA faculty, college education interns, area educators, and some IMSA STEMbassadors students. IMSA STEMbassadors students and regional volunteers work as group leaders in our programs to support learning and provide a near-peer learning model.

If you have questions regarding Summer@IMSA, contact our team at or 630.907.5987.

Registration will open on Monday, March 4 at 12:00 p.m.

All camps below will be offered at the IMSA campus in Aurora from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Lunch is not provided. Cost is $200 per student per camp. Please select the program based on the grade your student will enter in Fall 2024. Programs will not be held in Springfield this year.  Please check back in April for MetroEast (greater Belleville) programs.

Calling all coders and robot fanatics! Are you innovative? Love to solve problems? Do you enjoy being creative and using your imagination? Then, come hang out with us for a week of Playing With Code, where you (and your robot) will dive into the excitement of coding and computer programming while having a blast. Dig into hardware, interpret symbols, de-bug errors, and piece together programs to get your screen-free robot movin’ and
groovin’ to dances worldwide!

Shimmy into a week of STEM exploration intertwined with the magic of music! Campers will embark on a journey to unravel the science behind sound, create their musical instruments, and compose tunes using technology. Get ready for a harmonious blend of science and music like never before!

Climate Change: The Future is Now engages campers in various investigations to establish a basic understanding of climate science literacy. This camp isn't just about gathering facts; it's a journey toward discovering the pressing issues and inspiring actions campers can take to shape a better future. Get ready to explore, experiment, and engineer your way through the world of climate science!

"Hello - We are Sphero BOLT robots, your educational robot companions, and we cannot deactivate until we are able to have some fun times together learning about coding and engineering and how to work well together on a team!"

In this camp, our intrepid robotics engineers will work through a series of exciting STEM missions with their team members - as well as with the assistance of their trusty Sphero BOLT robots - that will test their abilities to think analytically and creatively, communicate, and collaborate effectively with other people, and overcome programming problems/challenges that may be thrown their way.

Key coding concepts will be introduced throughout the week, including understanding how to use variables and operators to write conditional statements, loops, and/or functions. By the end of the week, students can leave as "certified Sphero Heroes," ready to go forth and help the world become a better place through their awesome STEM, coding, and teamwork skills.

Enjoy a week full of engaging exploration into the science, math, and technology developed and utilized by civilization during medieval times. This time helped lay the foundation for modern science and mathematics. Therefore, campers will explore various topics, including food science, materials science, agricultural technology, and more!

Embark on an interplanetary adventure at our Journey to Mars Summer Camp! Set your objectives and select the perfect crew. Explore imagery from prior unmanned missions to choose a landing site on the Martian surface. Design your spacecraft and build a scale model. Blast off for a journey of discovery, teamwork, and hands-on fun. No space suit is required.

Do you ever wonder how machines work? Do you like to design or build things? If so, join us for a week of engineering challenges. We will explore various engineering fields, such as civil, biomedical, manufacturing, and environmental engineering. Activities may include designing road systems, recycling trucks, understanding arthroscopic techniques and the engineering involved in paint and building a battery. Let’s build knowledge by having fun and interacting with fellow camper-engineers. The world is changing daily, and engineering is the key for us to change.

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