Employees Make a Difference at IMSA - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Employees Make a Difference at IMSA

Give through Payroll Pledge and Receive these Benefits:

  1. Entry into “VIP Parking Space for a Month” Lottery
  2. Invitation to Donor Appreciation Ice Cream Social in May
  3. ID Badge Charm to recognize your philanthropy
  4. Thankfulness and appreciation from the IMSA Community

For more information on giving, email Scott Kreiter at skreiter@imsa.edu.

“I give because I market the value of an IMSA education to students and families, not just because it’s my job, but because I believe in the ability of our students to make a difference in this world, as a result of the experience they have here at IMSA. When I give, it’s a tangible, financial representation of my commitment to that belief. Giving to IMSA is how I “put my money where my mouth is”.”

-Kelly Lofgren, M.B.A., Director of Admissions

“I give because it’s not just a job for me; I know that it is not enough to just give my time. I give to ensure that the missions and goals of IMSA can continue to progress toward the ultimate moment of enlightenment. I give because I know it matters.”

-Dennsa N. Mohamed, Equity and Inclusion Program Development Associate

“I give because paying “it” forward is important to me. I’ve had many opportunities in my life so I feel that contributing meaningfully to someone else’s potential experience is an obligation.”

-Dr. Joe Golab, Science Faculty

“I give because I love the students and I want to help give them opportunities that they may not get without the fund.”

-Dr. Anita Connors White, PROMISE Program Director

“I give because I’m a lifelong learner; a true believer in the power of education to empower people.”

-Dr. Linda Hefferin, Academic Support Specialist

“I give because I think an environment such as IMSA offers a platform for young students to grow into amazing people that will do amazing things. Our world needs that.”

-Jim Farrell, Accounting Services Manager

“I give because it’s easy. If my contributing could possibly make something easier for someone in our community, why wouldn’t I?”

-Angela Richardson, IRC Supervisor

“I give because IMSA has given so much to me, and I believe in its mission.”

-David McGovern, M.Ed., College and Academic Counselor

“I give because I believe in IMSA’s students and want to make their experience here a positive one!”

-Erin Micklo, English Faculty