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IT Engineering


Limesurvey accounts

Creating and administering an online survey via IMSA's limesurvey system requires the user to have an admin account in the limesurvey system. Here are our ITS guidelines for such accounts.

No IMSA account has limesurvey admin rights by default. To get such rights the user must submit a Helpdesk request asking for those rights.

Any Helpdesk request asking for limesurvey admin rights should explain what sort of surveys will be created. The request must specify exactly which person or persons are to obtain the rights, either by their full name or IMSA account name.

Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy Adobe Connect Usage Guideline

The Adobe Connect online meeting, training, and webinar system is a resource provided to enable members of the IMSA community to host meetings and webinars, and to provide online training.  It is available to IMSA faculty and staff in a hosting capacity, and to students, or external persons in a participant capacity.

The primary point of contact for Adobe Connect technical support is the IMSA IT Helpdesk.  IMSA Media Services will provide support for complex audio and video setups including conference rooms, the auditorium, and the FrontRow system.

Parents Association Council (PAC) use of IMSA IT Resources

Adobe Connect usage by the Parents Association Council (PAC) and its sub committees

Adobe Connect is a product/service provided and supported by Information Technology Services (ITS) for the IMSA community. Adobe Connect is a web conference solution with virtual classroom capabilities. Adobe Connect is a service to be used for official IMSA business and communications only. The use of this service is being extended to PAC under the following circumstances and conditions.

Find People

IMSA Community Directory

  • The IMSA Community Directory permits searches for the names, e-mail addresses, and home pages of present and former IMSA community members.
  • IMSA Phone Directory
    The Phone Directory includes phone, email, and departmental information for all staff.  Currently, an account is required on the IMSA Computing System to access the Directory. 

Video Hosting Guidelines


YouTube is suitable for hosting some IMSA video, subject to the following considerations:  (By "IMSA video" we mean video created by IMSA staff for IMSA's purposes.)

Any IMSA video of value as curriculum or intellectual property (as opposed to Marketing/Communications material) should not be hosted on YouTube.

Community Email Virus Notice, February 2003

As many of you are painfully aware, virus infected email is becoming much more prevalent. As a result, CNS has implemented a technical solution to catch and prevent these infections. The software for this process is installed on the IMSA mail servers. This process is being made as part of our ongoing effort to secure the IMSA computing system and ensure the safety, availability, integrity and confidentiality of our system and our data.


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